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Our Main Services

New Jersey residents who wish to dispose of their belongings or property have several options when they choose Timeless Treasures;

Estate Sales

If you want to dispose of your belongings or clear out your entire property, you can consider our estate sales NJ services. This service offers you the best chance of getting maximum value for your property or items since you get to sell things individually.

Timeless Treasures has existing estate buyers ready to take up estate sale offers at a moment’s notice or during a difficult time. Talk to us NOW!


Moving Sale

Are you preparing for a move? Simplify the process with a moving sale, also known as an estate sale. Here’s how it can help:

  • Why Choose a Moving Sale?

A moving sale is perfect for downsizing before a move, lightening your load and earning cash from unwanted items.

  • Streamline Your Move

Declutter efficiently with the help of estate sale companies. They handle the sale logistics, allowing you to focus on other moving tasks.

  • Maximize Profit Potential

Experts in market trends, estate sale companies ensure your items sell for the best prices, from furniture to collectibles.

  • Create a Win-Win

Offer buyers quality goods at discounted prices while clearing space in your home—a win-win for all involved.

  • Conclusion

A moving sale is a smart move for property owners. Start planning yours today to simplify your move and earn extra cash.

Timeless Treasures Estate Sale Benefits

Timeless Treasures offers several key benefits in the estate sale process.  Here are just few they offer:


Estate sale services typically offer comprehensive services from sorting through your items to cleaning up after, which means you do not have to stress about any of it.


As professionals with experience in such events, estate sale businesses know the best prices to mark items to help sell them off while bring in the highest possible earning for you in the process.


Estate sale services will advertise and market your estate sale event, making it visible to a larger group of people, thereby attracting more people to the event and increasing the likelihood of selling your items at good prices.


Efficient and Effective: A professional business has undertaken such projects numerous times. They know exactly what to do, how to do it, and the method of getting the most out of the event. This ensures that the event is organized efficiently and delivers the best possible results for you.

More Services...



If you need to undergo an estate sale process but aren’t sure what to sell/keep, consider our NJ estate cleanout services. This service involves removing all items/belongings from a property i.e. a home and sorting the items to decide what to sell, keep, donate, or dispose of. We specialize in estate cleanouts and here are the benefits you stand to enjoy from our services;

  • Increased value: Estate cleanout offers an opportunity to declutter, value, and present saleable items better.
  • Improved safety: Estate cleanouts also improve the safety of estate sale environments 
  • Better estate sale management: By removing and sorting most/if not all belongings, sellers conduct more organized estate sales.

Learn more about how this service will help your estate sale process.



Thinking of getting rid of most of your belongings and leading a leaner lifestyle? Consider our downsizing service that helps you identify the belongings you don’t need. We’ll help you sort everything and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or dispose of.

We can also assist in your transition to a smaller living space ensuring you are only left with those items that are dear to you and capable of fitting your new lifestyle.

Claim your FREE consultation on New Jersey estate downsizing services.



Looking to sell an entire estate including all its assets i.e., your home, land, etc., including all belongings? Consider our estate liquidation sales service. 

As one of the leading estate liquidation companies in New Jersey, you can trust us to handle everything from appraising items to conducting the sale or auction for your personal property and real estate.

If you wish to sell all contents of the estate to an individual buyer i.e., a New Jersey estate sales company or a professional liquidator in NJ, we can assist.

Find out more about how to handle your estate liquidation process.

  • Increased value: Estate cleanout offers an opportunity to declutter, value, and present saleable items better.
  • Improved safety: Estate cleanouts also improve the safety of estate sale environments 
  • Better estate sale management: By removing and sorting most/if not all belongings, sellers conduct more organized estate sales.

Learn more about how this service will help your estate sale process.


Other Related Estate Sales Services

There are other estate sales-related services we offer at Timeless Treasures. Don’t hesitate to talk to us for highly specialized services including tag sales where we price and tag individual items in your estate sale. 

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What we do...

If you are anywhere in or around New Jersey and are planning an estate sale, you should give us a call so we can help you. Here is how we take care of the different stages of an estate sale:

Before Estate Sale

  • We meet with the estate owner, if required, to handle the relevant matters.
  • We assess the complexity and scale of the estate sale.
  • We help identify what to keep, what to sell, and what to price the items.
  • We stage the items to be sold and make arrangements for the estate sale.
  • We advertise and market the event.

During The Estate Sale

  • We ensure the ideal placement of the items, and a smooth flow of traffic
  • We negotiate the best value for all your items
  • We offer customer service to all shoppers
  • We answer phone calls about items in the sale
  • We manage the bookkeeping of all sales
  • We restock the shelves and reorganize items

After The Estate Sale

  • We can recommend a buyout or cleanout service for the removal of the remaining items.
  • We account for profits from the sale of items, and factor in any additional expenses pending.
  • We remove our signage, tables, and jewelry boxes.
  • We review the bookkeeping with you and pay you.

Our Clients

Thankyou very much Karen and Jerry..very happy with our estate sale...professional, knowledgeable and warm people ..thanx,Andrew
the Digital Dream
the Digital Dream
Jerry and Karen of Timeless Treasures did a great job in helping us with our estate sale from setting up very attractive displays to conducting the sales process. You put a lot of trust in a company conducting an estate sale and Jerry and Karen get an A+ for honesty and professionalism . I would highly recommend then for anyone contemplating an estate sale. Marty Holleran
Marty Holleran
Marty Holleran
Karen and Jerry and the entire Timeless Treasures team are amazing! They worked tirelessly to make our sale profitable. Their merchandising skills and promotion efforts guarantee success for your sale. I would give them 10 stars for their over-the-top services!
Deborah J Holliday
Deborah J Holliday
Karen and Jerry are honest and hard working! Their ability to organize a huge variety of stuff in an appealing way is amazing. Their no nonsense approach is perfect when you are preparing to downsize and move. They were an absolute pleasure to work with!
Trish LaDuca
Trish LaDuca
Had my sale over the weekend. Karen and her team were very professional and on the ball. I would definitely recommend their service !!
Danny Kole
Danny Kole
Both Karen and jerry were pros good people and did a super job would absolutely use them in the future based on this wonderful experience
marc cooper
marc cooper
The pictures arrived! They were amazing! Thank you for your help!
Charlene Deutmeyer
Charlene Deutmeyer
I used Timeless Treasures for an estate sale. Karen and Jerry are great and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them
Lori Titone
Lori Titone
Thank you Karen and Jerry. I have been to a few of your estate sales and I am a very happy customer. You are both a pleasure to do business with and have very fair prices. I will definitely be coming to your future sales.
Arlene Matthies
Arlene Matthies

Why Choose Timeless Treasures?

New Jersey has many liquidation sales companies offering estate sellers all types of services. Why should you choose us?

  • Dedicated hassle-free estate sales services: Regardless of your reason for estate sales or related services, Timeless Treasures is ready to help. Our job is to get rid of the stress related to estate sales.
  • Guaranteed maximum profits: We have a reputation for seeking the best deals for our clients. Even if you are seeking estate buyout services that involve one estate buyer and may not offer the best possible return, you can bet on our reputation for getting unbelievable deals.
  • Highly experienced estate sales professionals: Timeless Treasures is home to some of the most experienced NJ estate sales experts. We’ve handled hundreds of estate sales successfully all over NJ.
  • Family-owned estate sales company: Like most, if not all family-owned businesses, you can trust that added touch from us. We aren’t just after profit. You’ll get to work directly with Timeless Treasures owners and get an unmatched personalized experience. We genuinely care about our customers. 
  • Large existing pool of estate buyers: As an estate seller, you are assured of a ready market for your property and items. Choose us and sell for the best price in record time.
  • We are a BBB-accredited business: Timeless Treasures is rated A+. As one of the few BBB-accredited estate sales companies in NJ, you can rest assured of our commitment to ethical practices and great customer care services. 
  • We have a presence all over New Jersey: We’ve participated in hundreds of successful estate sales all over New Jersey i.e., in the central NJ, south, and northern NJ counties.
  • We accept a variety of payment methods: Timeless Treasures accepts all major credit cards and other popular payment methods. from PayPal to Venmo. Our Estate sellers and buyers are assured of smooth transactions.


    Ready to engage Southern Jersey estate liquidators with a reputation for relieving clients’ stress and maximizing sales returns? CONTACT US NOW!

    We offer our services in many NJ areas including Cherry Hill, North Bergen, Woodcliff Lake, Jersey City, East Orange, Monmouth Beach, Lawrence Township, Mullica Hill, Monroe Township, Elmwood Park and beyond.

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As you can see, we offer a comprehensive estate sale service designed to give you a hassle-free experience, maximized financial revenue, and quick and effective results.

We have been conducting estate sales in New Jersey for a long time and know exactly how estate sales work here.

We know the prices that sell items, what customers are willing to pay a lot for, how to stage the event to get the best results and the promotion methods that will boost your event’s visibility the most.

We are a team of dedicated professionals who understand that often an estate sale is a reflection of difficult times for the family and understand the stress and anxiety you may be going through.

This is why we do our best to provide an end-to-end service while making sure the event gives you the best possible results.

So, call us today and let us help you make your estate sale a smooth, financially profitable, and stress-free event.

FAQs About Estate Sales in New Jersey

Estate sales is a term referring to the process of disposing of assets, personal items, or real estate/property following the death of a person or during other scenarios like divorce, relocation, etc. 

It involves the sale of homes, belongings like jewelry, furniture, vehicles, art, and other items of value. While selling can happen directly, the process can become complex and is best left to estate sale companies like Timeless Treasures.

Well, start by focusing on estate sales NJ companies with a reputation. Choose companies that have conducted hundreds of successful estate sales. BBB Accreditation is a true testament to a company’s ethical standards and dedication to customer service. Other considerations include the variety of services on offer and dedication to getting clients the best services.

Timeless Treasures exhibits this and more. The company is BBB accredited and has conducted hundreds of successful estate sales. We also offer many estate sales and related services and work hard for our clients to get maximum returns.

If you search estate sales near me, you’ll discover all kinds of items and properties on sale. You can expect to see items like furniture, kitchenware, dishware, jewelry, artwork, dishware, crystals, glasses, silver, books, coin collections, comic books, tools, entire homes, land, cars, and many other things on sale.

Timeless Treasures exhibits this and more. The company is BBB accredited and has conducted hundreds of successful estate sales. We also offer many estate sales and related services and work hard for our clients to get maximum returns.

If you want to liquidate an estate that belonged to a deceased loved one but is now under your ownership, you are an ideal candidate for an estate sale. 

You can also seek estate sale services when you want to downsize (sell most of your belongings and move to a smaller property). Other persons who can seek estate sale services include those relocating to other states or countries and don’t wish to move with some or most of their belongings.

While both involve selling items, the garage sale vs estate sale comparison lies in the scope. Estate sales are large scale i.e., they focus on selling entire contents of a home or a home itself. Garage sales on the other hand are for selling smaller items, usually household items. Estate sales are also more professional involving experts while garage sales can be hosted by anyone successfully.

It helps to get your documentation together to ease the burden of planning for an estate sale. If you are selling property for a deceased loved one, you need to have the legal documentation to allow you to take ownership of their estate and sell it. 

The same applies to estate sales after bankruptcy, divorce, or other situations. We suggest you talk to an estate selling professional to get the legal documentation in order.

Assuming you’ve already engaged estate liquidation professionals like Timeless Treasures, you shouldn’t donate or throw away anything before consulting. This tip prevents you from disposing of valuable items. 

Lastly, it’s also advisable to go through everything you intend to sell. While you may have professionals charged with conducting the estate sale or related services, this tip ensures you remove items you would deem unsellable i.e., family pictures or those that other family members want to keep.

It depends on several factors i.e., the type of estate sale. Generally, buyouts last the shortest because they involve one estate buyer. The estate sale company you engage will also determine the length of the sale. For instance, companies like Timeless Treasures with ready estate buyers sell fast.

It depends! Considering factors like ideal buyers, size of estate, and value of items. Other factors like personal objectives can also be used to determine the best time. For instance, if you want to maximize returns, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to sell. Generally, it helps to get expert help to determine the perfect time. In some cases, estate sales must take place immediately i.e. when relocating.

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