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Family owned and operated

Are you selling your home or your home’s contents? Selling the contents of someone else’s home?

Then keep all your worries aside, as we are always here to assist! We are New Jersey’s estate sale company “Timeless Treasure LLC.”, liquidation service specialists. 

Timeless Treasures is your one-stop service provider to take care of the entire liquidation process as you plan to move or sell. We truly value and take pride in the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, and ensure to provide you a seamless transition. We are owned and operated through our family business and just like our own, will handle your property with utmost respect, love and care. 

We aim to offer you the services that can help make your life a little easier and provide you the much-needed peace of mind. We can help you sell and liquidate the content you possess in the easiest way possible. 

The process of selling a home can be overwhelming. Whether you are doing it for yourself, for a loved one, or if you are an executor of an estate. Our one-stop services are designed to make your life a little more relaxed, convenient and provide you with total peace of mind. Simply said, we will take care of everything for you. 

Our Services

With the support of our property managers, we proudly service our customers throughout New Jersey. Years of experience, extensive research, expertise in the market value of items and well-articulated marketing strategies make us stand apart from our competitors. Reset assure, your estate sale will run smoothly, efficiently, and be the most profitable. 

Our Process...

is to evaluate your potential estate sale. We start this process by walking with you through the estate and identifying which items you wish to sell.

During the staging process we go through every item in the home (that you want to sell), display the items for sale, research the value of each item and price it.

Now, all your items for sale are displayed for our massive following of hungry buyers. We photograph these items and alert our community of shoppers who all receive the details of your sale. 

The day of the sale we arrive 2 hours prior. We place booties, masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance. Signs throughout the estate alert shoppers of what rooms cannot be entered and which items are excluded. Our staff is helping shoppers, answering questions, negotiating the best prices for all items and a cashier is collecting payment at the exit.

Our buyout team can recommend a plan to clear the home completely of any items left and prepare for sale.


● Convenience, seamless execution giving you much-needed peace of mind and break.

● Leverage of our company to help you get the best prices from shoppers.

● Maximum profit in the fastest time. 

 ● Our managers will handle all of the negotiations. (unless otherwise specified)

● Full service clean-out will avoid you having to move heavy furniture and items prior to selling home.


Why choose Timeless Treasures?

We are your reliable partner assisting you to execute your sales success. Choosing us will ensure a safe and secure sale for your property, antiques, collectibles.

We are dedicated to offering you personalized services and solutions that are customized as per your needs. 

We respect and treat your property and its contents like its own. We understand how a move, home downsizing, or sale can be physically demanding. Therefore, we can handle everything for you. 

Having an established way to sell your property or antique is excellent as it provides you a clear idea about the true value of your possessions. Our experts will readily be available to guide you and will provide complete on-site estate sales and services conducted by professionals confidentially. 

We are always here to help you with all your needs. You can rely and trust us on any of your requirements

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