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Are you an antique engagement rings lovers? Collectible lovers look for such things to collect them and put them in their collection. It might be their hobby or some kind of selling business. However, antique engagement rings are just like simple rings but they are unique in their design and manufacturing date. Antique rings were manufactured in the 20th century and gained importance among the people due to their unique designs. With time, they just became part of memories and were updated in the 21st century.

Due to their rarity and uniqueness, collectible lovers find such items and collect them. Moreover, antique engagement rings are hot pieces especially when you need to gift someone. So, depending on all these factors, we can understand the importance of antique engagement. In this article, we will highlight the aspect related to antique engagement rings and discuss some articles.

Art Deco 2.08 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring By Loretz And Benoit :

Art Deco is a stylish Diamond ring that was originally manufactured in the 1950s. Due to its unique design and awesomeness, it gained popularity and became one of the best-selling products. Loretz and Benoit manufactured this design in the late 1950s.

Do you have an Art Deco Diamond ring? If yes, you can earn a huge profit per item. You can sell it for up to $24000. Moreover, it varies in color and size. Depending on this factor, its price might be different.

antique engagement rings


As the name suggests, the .90 carat Diamond ring was introduced and manufactured in the 1950s. Due to the white color and awesome design, it got immense fame among the rich people. With time, there are hundreds of modifications to the original motif. So, you might find it difficult to get this engagement ring in original design.

Original design of mid-century .90 Carat Diamond engagement ring is rare to find. It means it can be sold at a high price to the right person. Estate sale is the right place to find such inventory and purchase it at a decent rate. However, talking about its price, you can sell it for up to $8000 which is a pretty high price.

diamond ring


This European Cut Diamond ring is an updated edition of the original design of the engagement ring. Talking about its relationship to vintage items, we can easily understand its significance. The original and unique design was manufactured in the 1920s and got popularity among the people. Due to the ultimate design and white style, it is one of the rare items.

Do you have Lang Collection Engagement Ring? Usually, the price varies from design to design and depends on color as well. However, you can purchase this item from estate sales and resell it to the right person. Its cost is up to $27000.

unique diamond ring

Victorian 18ct Gold, Five Stone Diamond Carved Half Hoop Ring :

Victorian 18ct Gold, Five Stone Diamond Carved Half Hoop Ring was manufactured between 1880-1900. With five diamonds embedded in the ring, it is one of the rare pieces of engagement rings. The sides are half curved giving it a great shape and design.

Depending on multiple factors, you can sell this item for up to $1000. Being one of the antique engagement rings, this might be what you are looking for. The collectible lovers are the right persons whom you can find and sell.

five segment

Large Art Deco Platinum, Sapphire & Diamond Target & Coil Ring :

This platinum ring is one of the hottest engagement rings and therefore popular among people. The earliest design was proposed in the 1920s and became one of the top-selling items in this category. Interwoven design enhances the beauty of the ring.

You can sell this item for $8000. Usually, the price can increase depending on the central interwoven design of the ring.

blue color diamond ring

Final Thoughts:

Got a look at antique engagement rings? Probably, you might have hundreds of questions in mind especially related to the pricing and finding such items. Estate sales are the best place to locate such inventory, purchase it at decent rates and resell it to the right person. People are doing such type of business in this COVID-19 season to earn profit and make their livings. You can visit Timeless Treasure’s official site to stay tuned to upcoming estate sales.

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