How to carry out an online estate sale?

Do you want to carry out an online estate sale? Maybe yes. That’s why you are reading this article.

An estate sale is a mode of liquidation of property and selling it for a fair profit. The purpose may include whether you are selling someone else’s property who has recently decreased or moving to another place. Whatever the purpose is, estate sales can bring some revenue to your pocket. Usually, people hire professional agents. Sometimes, they execute this method on their own. It depends on your choice of what to do.

In this article, we will highlight aspects related to online estate sales and deep dive into this topic.

What is an online estate sale?

Before heading to the main topic, I have some questions.

  • Do you know what exactly is an estate sale?
  • How do you carry out estate sales?
  • Have you ever observed estate sales physically?

If you can answer these questions, you are good to go with the learning of online estate sales. At an estate sale, you need to physically set up all your items and sell them for a fair profit. In online estate sales, there is a slight change in the mode of operating estate sales. In an online system, you don’t have to worry about arranging items or bringing people to your location. Instead, you use the internet to sell your items online. Is it so simple? No. Let’s have a deep dive to learn more about it.

Methods for online estate sale:

Like the physical estate sale, you have two options to go for selling your inventory online.

  • Hire professional agents to upload your items and do all the jobs for you to for a fair commission.
  • Do all the job on your own and list items on online sites like eBay.

In the first method, you have to do nothing except pay for the commission. For professional estate agents, you can hire Timeless Treasures agents that are highly equipped with the mechanism.

If you carry out estate sales on your own, you need to do all the job on your own.

How to carry out an estate sale online?

Online estate sale has similar steps to that of physical estate sale except you need to upload the items instead of arranging them. Here is the step-by-step guide to carrying out an estate sale online.

Make a list of your items:

Collect all the items you are willing to sell. Make a comprehensive list with the categories. Make sure you write everything you want to sell as you need to upload them as well later on.

List their prices:

Do some research from the internet, measure the condition of your item, and jot down the price. It will increase your ease when you will uploading the items with their price. Make sure you got the right price for each item. A slight mistake in pricing can decrease the selling frequency of your products.

Upload them:

All you have till now except you need to upload. This process is not a simple one as you have to know how exactly you can upload your products. Before listing the items on eBay or any other site, you must know these things.

  • High-Quality photos
  • Product Description
  • Videos

These factors will make things easier and accurately describe your item.


Promote them:

If you have enough budget to invest in the product promotion, go for it. Otherwise, free promotion will be enough. Try social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Wait for the buyers:

If you have done all the above processes successfully, one last step is to wait for the buyers. On top sites like eBay, there are hundreds of buyers at a time. This way increases the chances of getting sales and markets your products quickly.

Final Thoughts:

Maybe you are having many questions regarding online estate sales. This is something you can carry out if you know how to do it. An online estate sale is not a straightforward task but a good option for beginners. Moreover, if you are not experienced, I will recommend hiring an estate sale agent at Timeless Treasure who know how to do all this task.

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