What is an estate sale checklist? Top tips

Do you know the estate sale checklist? Estate sales are usually held when someone wants to downsize or sell the property of deceased family members. Sometimes, people move from one area to another and need to sell their property at decent rates. Estate sales can also help in this case. Most people visit such estate sales, purchase the required inventory, and resell it at a decent price to earn profit. It is quite possible to find the vintage inventory that can be of value.

Estate sales require a special system that could work accordingly. Some people organize estate sales at their own efforts instead of hiring professional agents. This can consume their time and put them in the loss. In this article, we will discuss the estate sale checklist and highlight several points relevant to it.

estate sale checklist

What is an estate sale checklist?

Before moving forward to the estate sale checklist, we must define the checklist. The checklist is the list of items or necessary points required to manage something. In the case of the estate sale checklist, it comprises all the necessary setup required for the complete settings of an estate sale. Let’s dive deeper to understand what is required for estate sale.

Collect all of your item:

When carrying out the estate sale, you must determine what you have and what you want to put on sales. Some items need to be kept aside that may not be part of your inventory. First, collect all the items available in your inventory. If you have done this job, start differentiating things based on your requirements. If you want to sell them, you must place them in a separate list. When everything is accurately placed on your selling list, you are ready to go for your estate sales.

Divide the inventory into categories:

Usually, at estate sales, each item belongs to its category. If you wrongly put the item in another category, you might lose some profit. Proper setup of your inventory is always a great option to go with your first estate sale. If the item is antique, you must place it into the antique category. Several categories will be formed in such a way.

If a buyer visits your estate sale, it will become easy for him to determine the category of choice and purchase inventory from the relevant category. Your main purpose is to bring a fair price that is possible through this step.

Price each item:

Visit some nearby shops or big stores to get the pricing labels. If not comfortable with this option, you can get a pen and paper. Start writing the price of each item on the paper and fasten it to the item. It will help you differentiate the prices between the inventory and help the visitors to determine the cost of each item.

While pricing each item, research the current price from the internet. Apart from that, you have to keep the conditions of each item in mind before starting this procedure. So, make sure everything works fine for your estate sales.

Publish ads in your local newspaper:

Do you have some experience related to estate sales? Do you know how to find estate sales happening in your nearby area? The easiest way is to read the newspaper especially the classified ads portion that will help you all the estate sales happening in your area. So, one of the best ways is through the advertisement in your local newspaper.

Apart from this publication, you can try some free resources. Try Facebook pages or groups to advertise your estate sales and attract more people.

Choose the date:

Date can play a great role in determining the number of possible sales. Favorable time is always helpful in this regard and helps you to get the expected pricing. If you advertise your inventory at the wrong time and carry out an estate sale, it becomes difficult to attract enough buyers especially serious buyers. So, before carrying it out, you must keep the date in mind.

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the estate sale checklist? Estate sale needs to be done efficiently if you want desired results. Several factors can decide when to bring your sales and market your inventory. If you don’t want to do all the jobs by yourself, it would be better to hire an estate agent like that of JKB timeless treasures that could guide you through the process and do all the jobs professionally.

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