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What to Expect from an Estate Sale in Rumson, NJ

If it’s your first time of hiring an estate sale company in Rumson NJ or any other place, you may have some uncertainties in your mind. If you do, it’s totally understandable since you have no experience with an arrangement like this.

In this article, you will learn about everything you should anticipate when working with a Rumson estate sales company. This will guide your expectations and ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when the sales begin and end.

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How to know what to expect from a Rumson NJ Estate Sale

How can you know exactly what you’re getting into? It’s simple. Every detail is documented in the estate sale contract. The estate sale contract is an agreement that contains the responsibilities, privileges and rights of both parties.

Some sections of a well-written estate sale agreement are the definitions, purpose, obligations, assurance and provisions. Ideally, such a contract should be clear enough for the property owner to understand all the terms.

If you hire us for your estate sales near Rumson NJ, you will clearly understand all the terms in the contract before signing anything. We leave no gray areas.

Even though there are general expectations from estate sales, the contract states the specific details clearly. Hence, there can be no confusion since everyone knows what to expect down to the tiniest detail.

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Rumson, NJ Estate Sales Companies have expectations too

Inasmuch as you have expectations from your Rumson NJ estate sales company, we as the company also have some expectations. To ensure a smooth exercise, both parties must fulfill their obligations.

As a client, it is essential that you keep your end of the bargain. If you have read and signed the contract earlier, you should ensure that your stated responsibilities are taken care of.

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One of such responsibilities is stating the areas of your property that will not be used for the sales. Take enough time to consider all sections of the house and decide which parts you want to restrict.

For example, if you’re clearing out the belongings of a loved one who passed away, you may want the bedroom or living room to be out of bounds. In that case, you must make it known before the sales. This is one of many cases where it’s essential for the client to meet our expectations.

Another action that we expect from Rumson, NJ estate sales clients is to remove personal items before the sale. Take your time to go through the property and choose the items you wish to keep.

Many times, clients end up coming to the sales to take something they wish to keep. If that happens, you still have to pay the commission on that item to the estate sales company.

We understand that some of these items may mean a lot to you, and it may be hard to watch someone else go with them. If you suspect that this might happen, it’s best to avoid the location during the sales period.

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Pricing and value expectations

Here’s where clients expectations suffer the most. For every item we place on the estate sales, we put in several hours of research just to place the right value on them. However, our valuations and your expectations may not be on the same page.

Sometimes, an item may command a much higher value than what you expected. At other times, we can sell some items at a price lower than your expectations.

The reason is not far-fetched. For the client, some of these items may hold an emotional value, because they represent fond memories – the kind that can’t be bought.

We cannot place a price on your memories. However, when we value your items, we get you the best prices in Rumson NJ estate sales.

The flip side of this coin is when you get a higher price than you expect. This sometimes happens with antiques, art and jewelry. To tell the true value of these gems, you need experts. If you have any item which you’re uncertain of its worth, consult our experts to examine them.

It could be painful to find out later that the “brass” keychain you flipped on eBay is actually gold, and is therefore more valuable.

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