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5 Secrets to Shopping Estate Sales in Spring Lake NJ

Just as we have good salesmen, we have excellent buyers. Some people are better at shopping than others. Everyone has that shopper friend who always knows where to get the best deals. It’s the same for estate sales. To get the best items for a good price, you need some vital information.

In this article, you will learn how you can get the best from Spring Lake Estate Sales.

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Choose a great estate sales company

Of course there are a number of Spring Lake estate sales companies you would consider. However, to keep your search short, simply go for the best – Timeless Treasures. At Timeless treasures, we don’t just consider the estate owners; we ensure that buyers get the best deals.

Also, our display methods are super-convenient to help you see and choose what you want at a glance. What’s more? We won’t let you miss any Spring Lake estate sales. Our online and social media channels make sure that everyone is aware of when and where any estate sale is going down.

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Arrive Early...

It’s always best to get to an estate sale on day one. If you’re a Spring Lake local, you should make time to get to our estate sales on the first day. By day 2 of the sales, half the stuff may have been sold. Even if the estate sale is not holding locally, you can always visit an estate sale near Spring Lake NJ if it’s a short drive. Estate sales in Ashbury part, Point Pleasant, or Howell should be within your reach.

To make attendance easier, our sales typically start around weekends, so you don’t have to take too much time off work.

Come Prepared...

Here, I’m talking primarily about cash. You don’t want to get to a Spring Lake estate sale only to find out that you’re $50 short for something you really wanted. Frequent estate sales shoppers know this already. But if you’re a beginner, you may be unsure of what to expect.

Truth is, you will probably be surprised at what you’ll find at some of our estate sale displays. Most of our regular buyers know the excitement they feel every time they come to our sale. It’s like a kid in a toy shop spoilt for choices.

While you should have a budget while coming, you should also expect to find some good stuff. So, plan accordingly.

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Bring a Van if needed...

If you’re coming with budget that is enough for a few items, you should come with a van or at least a spacious car. You don’t want to lose an item to someone else because you couldn’t find a way to move it. In our experience, we have sold some large items that needed to be hauled to the buyer’s residence. Some of such items include dressers, sofas and all sorts of furniture. It’s all part of coming prepared.

Bring your friends...

A Spring Lake estate sale can be a great social activity for you and a few friends. There are some items that may not appeal to you when you’re at the sale alone. A pool table may not look like something you need, but when you’re at the sale with one or two friends, you’ll easily see it as a great purchase for the group.

Come safe, stay safe...

We’re in a climate where health safety is crucial. At Timeless Treasures, we observe and maintain all Covid-19 safety protocols. Hence, you should be prepared to comply. Even if you’re vaccinated, we expect full compliance of all measures for the safety of all involved.

Estate Sales Spring Lake NJ

At Timeless Treasures Estate Sales, we ensure that both regular and newbie estate sale shoppers get the best service and buying experience.

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