How to find Antique Desks? Complete Guide

Looking for antique desks? Collectible lovers roam around the world and search for antique collectibles. It doesn’t matter whether the antique belongs to which category. But, sometimes, some collectible lovers are very specific. For example, coin lovers will only purchase the old coins that are hard to locate now. Obtaining such things and compiling them can help them keep them as a part of their memories. Some might have hobbies of collecting vintage inventory.

Whatever the purpose is, you need to find such people and sell them antique desks if you have them. Have a look at your collection, estimate the age of the antique desk, and put it on sale. That’s how you can sell your antique desk. Furthermore, there are hundreds of methods available out there to get at antique desks. In this blog, we will highlight how you can research and discover antique desks you should search for.

What are antique Desks?

Desks are materials usually manufactured with wood or sometimes may contain iron as a fundamental component. Usually, at home, they serve multiple purposes. You can use it for residential or commercial purposes depending on your needs.

Antique desks are not just a simple type of desk available today. Rather, they have a relationship with the past centuries. These desks might have been designed in the 20th century and are not available right away. By that means, they are quite rare to find and helpful to serve multiple purposes.

Where you can find Antique desks?

Still problematic for you to find such items? No worries about this scenario as I’m going to help you out. There are various methods through which you can find antique desks but the quality and ease of the method matters. So, we can divide the research methods into two categories either being online or offline. Let’s have a look at both online and offline procedures.


Technology has made online research possible. Even it consumes less time and provides quality compared to other processes. So, you can commence your research right now. Some top websites like eBay, Amazon, and antique collecting websites are available on Google. A quick skim through such websites can suffice your needs. In the online method, you can even order and get shipping all across the world. Really awesome, right?


This might be confusing for beginners when they don’t know how to approach and find the antique inventory offline. So, the offline approach is through visiting the estate sales. Ever been to an estate sale? If not, now you can do this. But, the difficulty is how you can uncover the estate sale. No longer a problem when you have professional companies like Timeless Treasures Estate Sales NJ. Visit the official site and get information about the upcoming estate sales.

What are the top antique desks available?

Your quest to find the antique desks doesn’t end only on learning the resources. Instead, you must apprehend and know about the top antique items in the desks category available today. Let’s have a look at some of those items.

Library Executive Double Pedestal Desk In Mahogany :

The original manufacturing date of this piece is 1920. It contains a detachable open brass gallery with four drawers. After being introduced in the market, it was just being used as a part of study in the library. However, this piece is still available in good condition. If we put estimates about the cost, you can sell it up to $20,000 that is quite a high amount. Finding the antique inventory lovers can give the best price for this item with a decent profit.

antique desks

Pedestal Desk By Lamb Of Manchester. Dressing Table:

Pedestal desk was designed by James Lamb being produced in 1860. James Lamb was a gold medal winner in manufacturing the furniture and giving them unique shapes. Thus, you can easily assess the quality of this item and come up with effective decisions regarding this item. However, the cost of this item varies around $6,000.

Pedestal Desk By Lamb Of Manchester. Dressing Table

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the article? I suppose to make it easier to understand and locate at estate sales or by online methods. Not only these two items are valuable but also multiple others available out there. You can estimate the age of the item by having a look at its conditions and specific signs that belong to that era.

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