How to find antique lamps?

Antique lamps can help you keep the darkness away. What do you have today to enlighten your place? Electric blubs or tube lights, right? Today the mode of illuminating has been changed. With the upcoming time, you will even realize more advanced tools for such purposes. In simple words, we can say, technology has revolutionized things.

Can you expect the availability of electric bulbs hundreds of years ago? I suppose, never? Why is it so?

Technology lays the foundation behind everything today. A hundred years ago, things were not that easy as today. So, what was the mode of lightening a place centuries ago? The answer is quite simple, lamps. Even a variety of lamps can be found today. Depending on resources, people used to carry away such things with themselves whenever they travel at night. So, in this article, we will play up antique lamps, and how you can find them.

What are antique lamps?

Usually, the term lamp is common among us but can you define antique lamps? Is it different from lamps? Yes, I believe. Depending on the relationship with the time and design, we can list the lamps as antique lamps. However, all those lamps which belong to either rare items or manufactured in the 20th century are now part of collectibles.

Being included in collectibles, antique lamps are of value among collectible lovers. Due to unprecedented designs and vintage nature, you can expect higher prices than their original ones.

What are the benefits of antique lamps?

Before jumping on to the antique lamps directly, we must bring out the collectibles and catch on to their implications. Collectibles are rare pieces of something that are usually cataloged and sold at the right time to the right person. So, let me list the benefits of collecting antique lamps.

  • You can earn higher revenue for each item compared to its original price.
  • They can serve as a part of your recollections.
  • Easy to store and find today.
  • Better for starting your own business right away.

Where can you find the antique lamps?

After the entire discussion, the question arises about tracking down such inventory. If you are a beginner, you might not be well versed with such things. So, what can you do to discover these items?

For your convenience, the best place is estate sales to discover these items. At estate sales, you can espy these items quite comfortably. However, for estate sales, you can either read your local newspaper or do some research on the internet.

For example, at the official website of Timeless Treasures, you can have a look at all upcoming estate sales. Moreover, it will facilitate you to comprehend the location and time with the exact date. So, just staying tuned to such websites will be quite easy for you.

What are some items you should look for?

Every antique lamp is not your choice. You have to be unambiguous in uncovering such things. However, let me list some special items that are of worth and can be sold at estate sales with some great profit.


These wall lamps are quite wonderful to watch. Manufactured in the 1970s, this item is worth $100 if you sell it to the right person. Usually, it is available in good condition at the estate sales. So, if you want to start your business, it can be a hot article about antique lamps.

pendant lamp

Akron Lamp Diamond Light Lantern Nickel/Chrome Tank Mica Globe:

Another best article in the category of antique lamps to cast around is Akron Lamp Diamond Light Lantern Nickel/Chrome Tank Mica Globe. If we talk about the duration of manufacturing, the earliest designs were proposed in the 20th century. In the first decade of the 20th century, the first design was put forward. With time, you can find other pieces as well. However, the price falls in the range of $150. Move ahead to scout out such items.

antique lamps

Final Words:

Reviewed the list of antique lamps? Hundreds of antique lamps are available online to peek at. During all this, the right approach with profit margins matters a lot. Conventionally, you should research the estate sales and start your struggle. This is what everyone believes in.

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