Antique Barber Chairs— An antique guide for your business

Working out on the NEXT PROJECT? Antiques can be there, especially ANTIQUE BARBER CHAIRS.

Starting a business is EASIER if you agree to some rules:

  • Get some worthy CLIENTS
  • Try every method to buy and sell the ANTIQUES

Got my point?

Hurrah! I am seeing the next MILLIONAIRE reading this blog. 

And how to become a successful collectible seller?

Curious to know the answer?

Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s drive through the valley of Antique Barber chairs.

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Antique barber Chairs

What are Antique Barber Chairs?

What does a barber do? 

Cuts hair. Shaves your beard. Am I right?

The next QUESTION is on the way. How does the barber manage all this? I mean, how does he serve his CUSTOMERS?

Through sitting on the chairs, right?

Yes. This is not happening since today.

For CENTURIES, barbers have been serving their customers, cutting their hair, and providing the ultimate facial beauty through the practical styling of hair.

Let’s know how long the history is.

5 Types of Antique Barber Chairs

For centuries, we have been working on ANTIQUES.

Let’s determine the major types of ANTIQUE BARBER CHAIRS.

  1. F. F. Koenigkramer Barber Chairs

In the early 1900s, Fred and Frank Kornigkramer started building the HYDRAULIC LIFTS for the chairs. Later on, they invented their company with their name.

Here are some PECULIAR features of these chairs.

  • They have MANUFACTURER NAME imprinted on them.
  • They feature porcelain bases and armrests.
  1. Theo A. Kochs Company Barber Chairs

They are one of the earliest barber chair manufacturers in the US.

Their chair includes the following characteristics.

  • They have the company name imprinted on them.
  • Their price range is $300-$3500
  1. Antique Koken Barber Chairs

From the late 1800s to the 1950s, Koken’s chairs have been a topic of discussion for their unique styles and comfort available to the people.

Nowadays, such chairs are rare and generate higher prices.

  1. Louis Hanson Barber Chair

Checking out the experts’ guide is quite CRUCIAL.

These chairs started manufacturing in 1883 and still serve people in every aspect. You can find a version for yours and sell them to gain fair profits.

  1. Emil J. Paidar Company Barber Chairs

These chairs were cheap compared to its competitors. They have the best options for collectible lovers.

You can check out their collections.

Where do you get the Barber Chairs?

To get the antique barber chairs, you don’t have to QUEST higher. A simple strategy and step-by-step research process are enough to RESOLVE all your questions.

Here are some ways to get antique barber chairs.

  1. Try eBay

eBay is a HUGE DIRECTORY for products.

If we say a NETFLIX OF ANTIQUES, it won’t be wrong. It is not all about eBay. Instead, many other sites like ETSY are in a row to achieve the top position.

Hundreds of thousands of SELLERS from every corner of the GLOBE are working on the SITES.

So, how will you get the antiques?


Go to the search box and write the TITLE of your products. You will get a list of antiques ranging from the different manufacturing ERA.

Is that even hard?

  1. Find in a nearby Antique Store

Antique Store is another BEST option.

You can visit the nearby ANTIQUE stores and explore the ANTIQUE BARBER CHAIRS.

Always check out the QUALITY and integrity of the product.

The biggest PROS of this method is— you get manual EXAMINATION of products. It is better than an online one.

  1. Check out the local Estate sales

Do you have a concept of ESTATE SALES?

If not, there are no issues. I can help you determine it.

Estate sales are a place where property sales occur.

And since a property includes the new and old items, it is a PLACE to explore the COLLECTIBLES.

Read the ads in your local newspaper and check local online estate sales.

Visit and get the antiques.


Final Words

So, how are you starting the ANTIQUE business? Is it from the SCRATCH?

If yes. Do meticulous research. I am focusing on the part of RESEARCH because it can do all your needs for your business.

Do you want to know the estate sales occurring in NEW JERSEY, USA? 

Timeless Treasures can be a popular choice in that case. You can visit our site.

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