How to find the Antique Pokemon Cards?

Looking for antique Pokemon cards? Maybe you have seen Pokemon cartoons. Always enjoying. Especially Pikachu and other characters have been favorites for me. In childhood, I used to watch Pokemon cartoons and loved their characters. Maybe you have done this.

Later on, you can find the Pokemon cards introduced in the 90s for children. With those trading Pokemon cards, it is always charming to play. Can you imagine those Pokemon cards are worth it now? You can earn hundreds of dollars by selling the first editions of those cards. Impressive. In this article, we will discuss business regarding antique Pokemon cards.

antique pokemon cards

How can you start the antique Pokemon Cards business?

Want to take a step in business? Just go with the collectible business. Start purchasing the collectibles, find the right buyer, and sell them simply. That’s how exactly the process works and lets you earn some income. The antique Pokemon cards selling a business can be divided into three steps.


How can you purchase the cards before finding them? You might have such types of questions in mind. I have many ideas to follow for finding the right card at the right price.

Where can you find the Antique Pokemon Cards?

Many options. But, I will tell you two main choices.

  • Go online on websites like Amazon or eBay where you can find all types of vintage inventory. Find the Pokemon card you are looking for. Read the product description and have a look at some pictures. This is how exactly you can move ahead to purchase.
  • Want to manually check the cards? This is a far better option because a physical assessment of an item will determine its originality. For this purpose, you can visit the estate sales. At estate sales like that of Timeless Treasures, you can find hundreds of antique items and choose the right one quite easily.


If you researched the item properly and got the right one, just purchase it. Determine the price and purchase the item if it is profitable to sell. Pokemon cards are usually profitable because of the rareness of the earliest editions today.


Now, it comes to the selling of the cards you purchased. You need to save them for some time until you find the right buyer. By that means, someone who can give the right price and let you earn high-profit margins.

Where to sell the Antique Pokemon Cards?

Maybe you are thinking about where you can sell your Pokemon cards. No worries. You can either find the right buyer or put it on sale online. Write the product description, find some clients, and sell them your item. That’s how exactly you can generate some income from your antique Pokemon cards.

What are some Antique Pokemon Cards?

Why not list some important pieces of antique Pokemon cards? Here are some of those.

First Edition Holographic Charizard:

One of the most popular cards among collectible lovers is Charizard. Can you guess its price? It is sold up to 24 thousand dollars. Incredible! Charizard was introduced in Pokemon red and blue video games in the mid-90s and quickly got famous. Being a rare piece today, you can find and sell this article at such a price. Can be a profitable item for you.

First Edition Holographic Charizard

First Edition Holographic Blastoise:

Another great piece of card from Pokemon is Blastoise. Like the Charizard, it is rare to find and can be sold at the right price. Usually, it has generated a price of around $5500. It is also a huge amount. But, collectible lovers always pay such an amount to get at these types of articles.

First Edition Holographic Blastoise

First Edition Holographic Chansey:

Chanesy is one of the fast Pokémon that is difficult to catch due to its speed. It has a pouch that is having an egg in it. However, you can purchase this card and sell it for up to $3500. Isn’t it profitable?

First Edition Holographic Chansey

Final Words:

For beginners, selling antiques can be difficult. You know, why? Many reasons. People don’t know how to do this business. They might find it more difficult than other businesses. But, believe me, people are earning and making their living possible with this business. Just go ahead and find the antique Pokémon Cards to get some profit.

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