Antique Hunting decoys; The ultimate Guide is here

Hunting Decoys? Have I heard it right? Hundreds of antique products are there, but some are worth your business.

Be CURIOUS. Have PATIENCE. And find the right item at the right time.

Have you heard of a famous quote:

A hundred blows of goldsmith is comparable to one blow of iron-smith.”

It perfectly fits here.

Find a good antique. Estimate the cost and get a list of selling to hold them for a definite period.

Once the right time comes, boom! Sell your antiques.

But which antique is best? I would say HUNTING DECOYS can be an ideal choice. (not perfect always because you have more opportunities in locale)

Fasten your seatbelts. We will be heading to hunting decoys with all details.

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Hunting decoy

What are antique hunting decoys?

Two words and game over!


Both indicate what their role will be. Hunting decoys are specialized tools. 

Can you guess what purpose they serve?

Simple. They are fake animal shape tools. For example, duck decoys serve the purpose of catching the ducks.

Apply this formula to all other sorts of hunting decoys.

The game is still on. Do you know why?

Because we have to define the antiques in terms of hunting decoys.

Hunting decoys of the 20th century are quite rare nowadays. So, it is the rarity and unique design of the product that makes it worth your time and business.

Let’s find out various ways to find them.

Is it worth it to find and sell the hunting decoys?

Yes. 100% true. 

Hunting decoys are one of the best antiques available out there.

Easily available. Generate MORE PROFITS.

So, you can find a good buyer or collectible lover, let him estimate the worth of your hunting decoys, and sell them.

Is that so hard?

Where do you sell the decoys?

Everyone talks about the hunting decoys. But none talk about:

Where do you get the antique decoys?

Connect with me, and you will get the answer flashing through your brain and lighting up all your bulbs.

TWO easy peasy ways. Here are these:

  1. Find Collectible Lovers

Finding collectible lovers is a good idea.

Collectible lovers are persons or entities who collect antique products or are interested in them.

They are a good target to enjoy HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS and bigger benefits.

  1. Sell online

The best resource.

It is true only if you know how to market your product.

If you don’t, leave it.

However, you can list your products online on Amazon, eBay, and many other eCommerce channels where que selling occurs.

What you will get:

Higher profit margins. More customers headed to your products.

Less concern about searching the customers.

Customers find you. Isn’t great?

3 main methods for finding the hunting Decoys

Hunting decoys can be available at the antique store next to your home. Go ahead and purchase them.

Three ideal methods will leave no stone unturned for your purchase.

  1. Check out eBay

eBay or Etsy? Which one would you choose? If I were you, I might prefer Etsy. ( due to lower competition)

Both are top platforms — a definitive choice for antique lovers.

You can visit them, list your products, and sell them.

  1. Visit Estate Sales

Estate sales are places where second-hand inventory is sold.

A good opportunity to find, right? 

Yes. You can visit these places. They will offer high-quality antiques at lower prices.

So, you can sell the antiques for higher prices later on.

  1. Search in a nearby antique store

Nearby antique stores are a good addition.

You can visit them. Check out the antiques manually.

Negotiate. Settle at a suitable price. So, you get antiques at fair rates to sell them at fair profits.

Overall your business will be booming.

Final Words

Do you think hunting decoys are suitable for your business? Let’s leave this question to you.

Hunting decoys are always a good idea to sell if you have them in your old collection; great! Go ahead and sell them.

To find them, you can visit the Timeless Treasures Estate sale. Check out the dates of upcoming estate sales on our website.

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