How to find the value of an Antique? 

The value of an antique is a MYTH for most people. There are hundreds of categories of antiques—for example, antique furniture. And people ask me ABOUT the cost of an antique. 

Is that so with you? 

Don’t worry. Antiques have a HISTORY of centuries. People are always interested. And surprisingly, there are MANY WEBSITES to find the value of an antique. 

Let me explain the factors to determine the value of an ANTIQUE. 

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Value of an antique

When do we call an item an antique? 

Every item on the TABLE is not an antique. We have hundreds of products in our home. For example, electronic products. Home appliances. Or toys for the child. 

Do you think all are worth saying an antique? 

You should not REGARD them as antique because antique is QUITE different. 

Here are some features of an antique: 

  • It should be a rare and POPULAR ITEM. 
  • The design must be unique. For example, limited editions of a BOOK or any item. 
  • There should be an association with some legend, such as furniture used in the HOME of a Scottish duchess. 

So, we call a product unique when it possesses the above features. An antique can be an iPod or a comic book at home. 

The furniture from the FAMOUS designers in the early 1900s or 1800s is also worth selling. 

What factors impact the VALUE of an antique? 

People ask about the VALUE of an antique. On this blog, I have noticed thousands of comments. 

“I have a Hummel figurine. What should be its price? “

Let me get straightforward about this. The price depends on VARIOUS factors. I have listed them to assist in CALCULATING the worth of your antique. 

  • Original Cost of an antique

How much is your antique worth? 

For example, suppose you buy two pieces of FURNITURE today. One has a COST of $1000 while the other costs $100. After ten years, it may turn out to be an ANTIQUE. 

And $1000 would be worth $10,000, and $100 may help you make $1000.

So, the original price of an ANTIQUE determines the value of an antique. 

  • How rare is your item? 

Have you got a PRETTY RARE item? 

The rarest item has MORE WORTH. Mona Lisa painting is a SINGLE VERSION. No other copy of it. And it is worth $450 MILLION. 

Can you believe it? 

The rarity of an antique has GOT a more significant factor. More rare items mean more value. But that is not always the case. It again depends on other factors. 

  • Is your item ORIGINAL? 

An original item has got the marking. 

And you have to check it. If your product designer is an OLD LEGENDARY person like the DA VINCI of the Mona Lisa Painting, I am sure you’ll get a lot of money. 

You should also check this factor. 

  • Association with some celebrity

One of the MOST PRECIOUS factors, I would say, is the association. 

If you get a Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase, do you know its cost? It is around 80 MILLION USD.

There are so many examples of antiques out there. A Justin Beiber shirt is worth thousands of bucks. 

Association with the celebrity impacts the TOTAL PRICE of the antique. 

Final Words

Starting an ANTIQUE business is worth your time and investment. But the primary question is ABOUT the reliability of the antique. 

Well, it is not a BIG DEAL. 

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