How much do estate sale companies charge?

Want to shop for estate sale companies? Do you know how much do estate sale companies charge? An estate sale becomes an essential part of your life when you want to downsize inventory, sell property of deceased family members, or move to another location. In all these scenarios, the primary objective is to sell the used inventory. Some people discard inventory in multiple cases especially when they don’t know the worth of their used items. Isn’t it a better deal to get a decent price for each of your products?

When you want to earn some money from used products and spend it to purchase new, estate sales can be the option to choose. However, it depends on your preferences to whether carry out an estate sale on your own or hire a professional company who could do all the tasks for you. In this article, we will highlight estate sale companies and answer your question, “How much do estate sale companies charge?”

How much do estate sale companies charge

What are estate sale companies?

Have you ever visited an estate sale in your nearby area? If yes, you already know the answer to this question. At estate sales, you can have a look at the organizers who are probably professional agents. Apart from organizers, you can assess the quality, categories, and all aspects of the sale. All these factors will help you understand the mechanism of working by estate agents.

Estate sale companies are businesses that have professional estate agents who know how to carry out the estate sale, when to carry it out, and how to attract serious buyers. With the more effective arrangement of inventory by professional agents, you can analyze all the items with complete ease.

Why should you hire an estate sale company?

Do you wanna hire an estate sale company? People make several mistakes while setting up their estate sale by themselves. A professional agent knows how to grab the attention of the buyer and get the best for each product. However, here are some major advantages of estate agents that can help you through this process.

Do all the tasks for you:

An Estate sale involves numerous steps including arranging items, categorizing them, labeling prices, advertising, and manages all aspects of the actual sale itself. These multiple steps could consume more time and have chances of errors. If you don’t have time to do all the jobs, it is better to hire professional agents who do all the tasks for you.

Organize inventory professionally:

If something is wrongly labeled or organized into irrelevant categories, it becomes quite difficult and illogical for the buyers. They might neglect that item. To divide the items into respective categories and label price is a difficult job that causes multiple blunders. Professional agents have experience and follow step-by-step instructions to carry out the whole job. This makes the job perfect and lucrative for you.

Attract serious buyers:

Advertisement is a crucial step in estate sales that must be done with minimum errors. As you have to attract buyers, you need to advertise your estate sale properly. In case of zero experience, you might make numerous mistakes leading to loss of profit.

Estate sale companies know how to advertise and where to advertise the estate sale. In addition, they have followers who stay tuned to upcoming sales and visit to find the collectibles and relevant important things.

How much do estate sale companies charge?

Now we have come to our main topic, “How much do estate sale companies charge?” Multiple factors can affect the overall percent charges of estate sale companies. For example, the process of liquidation can help you better understand the charges of each company. Some companies charge less while others charge a higher percentage of total estate sales.

In New Jersey the average cost of an estate sale company is 35% of total sales. Depending on liquidation steps, some other companies charge more or less in the NJ. Beware of any company that charges below the average 35%. They may not have an experienced staff, a large following of shoppers, insurance and other essentials to ensure the success of the estate sale. So, go for the company that helps you make more profit.


Have you received the answer to the question, “How much do estate sale companies charge?” If not, you must go through all the above steps and determine how estate sale companies help. Better arrangements of inventory and serious buyers can help you make more profit. Timeless Treasures NJ can help you go through the process. You are just a click away from this estate sale company.

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