How to find the Lenox Porcelain figurines?

Are you a fan of Lenox porcelain figurines? Or maybe you are looking for some good antiques. Am I right? Collectible business relies on three steps.

All around the world you can find this type of business being popular and easy to do. All you have to do is to have the investment and do some research to find the right collectible.

Some people think that this business requires skills but that’s not true. Even if you have good communication skills, you are good to go for investment in this business.

How to find the Lenox Porcelain figurines?

Lenox is a company that was established in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox in the US. Just imagine such an old company. From the 19th century till now, you have hundreds of Lenox porcelain figurines pieces to buy and sell.

Being so much old and rare, these pieces generate high prices and let you earn more. Always remember, never restrict your business to only Lenox antiques but also you can find hundreds of other types of antiques.

Where can you purchase Lenox porcelain figurines?

No longer difficult. Old antique pieces of Lenox porcelain figurines can be purchased from two basic methods.


There are numerous websites such as eBay, Amazon, and several others where you can find porcelain figurines. However, read the product description and understand the duration of manufacturing. Have a look at the images and order the product at your home.


Offline is more secure and easy to do. Just have a look at the estate sales happening around your area. Visit the estate sales and find the right items.

At Timeless Treasures estate sales, you can find such items and purchase at decent rates to earn some bucks.

What are some hot pieces of Lenox porcelain figurines in 2022?

Before heading to the research process, you must know the hot pieces of Lenox porcelain figurines that can help you earn more. I have listed some of the top articles to find in 2022.

Lenox Endangered Florida Panther:

To highlight the importance of the Endangered Florida Panther, Lenox introduced this figurine in 1991. This piece has authorization from the Institution of National Zoological Park and contains a certificate to make sure you get at the right item.

At eBay, this article is priced at $60 which seems to be fair. If you get the item at this price, you can sell it to the right person. This will give you high-profit margins per product and make your whole business more profitable. Still, thinking? Grab it right now.

lenox porcelain figurines

Lenox Cinderella “The Legendary Princesses:

Lenox released a series of Cinderella figurines in the 1980s about the legendary princesses. Some of those figurines are still out there to purchase. This piece was released in 1991 and gained immense popularity among people due to its beauty. Especially among the kids, it is still a hot piece to play.

At eBay, this item is priced at $47. You can online order it or visit the estate sale to purchase it. It can generate potential revenue if you find the right person to buy it. Always keep collectible lovers your first preference. You know, why? Because they are willing to pay you more than the actual purchase price. Who doesn’t want to earn a decent profit?

enox Cinderella the Legendary Princesses

Lenox Played Out Nature’s Young Cougars Porcelain Figurine:

Who doesn’t love nature? Lenox produced a piece to show the love of animals in the figurines. It is a piece that has two animals. Mom is showing love for her child. This is also one of the hot pieces available out there.

If you want to purchase it, you can do this from eBay at a decent price of $40. Later on, you can find the right person to whom you can sell this piece.

Lenox Played Out Nature's Young Cougars Porcelain Figurine

Final Thoughts:

Got a guide on Lenox Porcelain figurines? Now, it comes to making choices. You need to be very careful regarding purchasing and selling the Lenox porcelain figurines. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Before purchasing any item, always research its price and other parameters.
  • Find the original antique, not a duplicate one. You can assess the quality and age of the antique quite easily.
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