How to find valuable Books? 4 expensive books

Love to read books and analyze different aspects? If yes, you must have a pretty huge collection of valuable books. Reading books and learning from them is a continuous process. There are numerous categories of books. As everyone has its own interests, the variety of ones’ reading books changes from one category to another. I have read many books related to psychology and medical fields. It depends on you to read what and what is not.  

Do you purchase books for reading? Some people purchase books to analyze them and get the corresponding knowledge for which they are looking for. In some cases, they either store or sell it at a low price to buy some others. All those having a collection of the earliest editions of science fiction or literature books can sell them to earn a huge profit. As the earliest editions are rare to find, their cost is usually high compared to new ones. In this article, we will discuss some highly valuable books that can be sold for more than a thousand dollars.

The Hobbit:

If you love watching adventure movies, you must have watched the Hobbit series. Old books give a lot of ideas for the film producers to direct the movies and publish them to earn money. Multiple characters and arrangements of different aspects of the story determine the value of the movie. This is one of the most earned movies with high ratings all across the world. If we talk about the writer, John Reuel Tolkien published this adventurous book in 1937 and became popular among the people.

The earliest editions published are rare nowadays. Some collectors love to have this book in their collection and pay whatever you demand them. Even on the Amazon book store, it is one of the best-selling books even in 2021. So, if you have this version of The Hobbit, you can earn thousands of dollars by selling to the right person.

valuable books

Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone :

One of the most famous and interesting stories among the children is the Harry Potter series. All the series of books is considered among the best selling on Amazon. If we talk about this Philosopher’s Stone of Harry Potter, it can be a valuable book for your collection. J.K Rowling written this book and published its original edition in 1997. Like all other parts of the Harry Potter series, this one gained special importance and became one of the most popular editions. Even you can watch the Harry Potter movie series (2001-2011) to expand your knowledge in visual forms. It is considered to be a treat for the readers.

Do you have this book in your valuable book collection? If yes, there is great news for you. You can sell this book for more than $50,000 to earn a handsome profit per item. Most people are earning through this method and fulfilling their dreams.

harry potter

The cat in the Hat:

Have you watched the movie Cat in the hat? Almost all the movies in Hollywood are derived from the respective books by renowned writers. The basic purpose is to highlight the concepts of the writer and entertain the audience. The original writer of this book is Theodor Geisel having pen name Dr. Suess. This book is written for the children to entertain them and let them understand it.

If you have this book in your collection, thousand dollars is waiting for you to sell it. You can earn a handsome profit by selling it to the right person.

cat in the hat

Eleven Poems:

Do you love poetry? Eleven Poem is the first book from this writer at the Queen’s University of Belfast. During the process of studying, Seamus Heaney wrote it and published it. These poems got importance among the readers and engaged them. If we talk about the history, its first edition was published in 1965.

Nowadays, you can find a limited edition of this book. To earn more profit, you must have this book in your valuable books collection. Selling it to the right person can help you earn more.

eleven poems

Final Thoughts :

Have you got an overview of the whole article? If yes, you might have come across different aspects of valuable books and their significance in your collection. In the coronaviruses pandemic, people do visit estate sales and locate such inventory. After purchasing it, they resell it to earn huge profit margins. You can do the same job to buy and sell it.

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