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What are Estate Sales and Why Do they Happen?

More often than not, when people hear the word “Estate Sale”, they immediately think someone has passed away. This is sometimes true. People who had passed away and who’ve left quite a few belongings are sometimes the reason for estate sales. It could be that the people who were supposed to inherit the objects do not want them or do not have space for them. Sometimes, there is also no one for the assets to go to, so they are simply sold off.

But this is not always the case. Estate Sales can also occur when someone needs to dispose of their belongings in a quick manner before moving away. If the assets being sold extends to stocks, jewelry, bonds, or art, then it is referred to as Estate Liquidations.

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Who are Professional Liquidators?

Estate Sales are different from garage sales in that they are conducted by professionals. These professionals are known as liquidators, and they organize the proceedings with the understanding that part of the earnings goes to them. You might be thinking, “why is there a need for liquidators? Selling stuff isn’t that hard!”

Well, that might be the case, but liquidators often give the sales a better chance of success. Here are some ways that a liquidator could assist in:

Organizing the Event

Like many events, there is a tendency for Estate Sales to be swarmed. As such, liquidators come prepared with sign-up sheets and scheduled viewings. They keep track of everything for you by issuing tracking numbers for the items, so that nothing can get lost, stolen, or broken without being traced.

Appraisal of Items

If you don’t know how much an object or furniture was when it was first bought, and you don’t know how to price it now that you’re selling it, fear not! A professional liquidator is more or less an expert at assigning the right price for your items. Who knows, they might even get a better bargain for something that you wanted to sell for a cheaper price.

Marketing and Promotion

Liquidators want estate sales to go as smoothly and successfully as you do. As such, they may also take care of marketing and promoting the sale so that more interested people might show up. With their experience, liquidators have a wider reach and an established market. These could help with faster and more sales.

These are just some of the things that a liquidator could offer to their clients, but they can provide more service than the ones mentioned above. Moreover, they lessen the emotional and physical toll for their clients.

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Choosing the Right Company

There are many liquidators in New Jersey. In fact, if you’ve tried to do any research, you might have been surprised at the number of New Jersey Estate Sale Companies.

Timeless Treasures Estate Sales is one of the leading Estate Sale Companies in New Jersey. They have been in the business for five years, and they have had countless successful Estate Sales. They’ve handled properties in Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey. So even if you’re looking for a Lincroft, NJ Estate Sales Company, you can reach out to their experts. In fact, one of the great things about Timeless Treasures is that they also offer a free consultation call! This way, you won’t have to feel pressured about anything. They’ll even be able to answer your questions or concerns.

How does our estate liquidation work?

Having an Estate Sales Company with you during this process truly guarantees more success They have a process that works, and they’ll get the job done for you quickly, efficiently, and correctly. They also have many connections and an established network that could be beneficial to your estate sale. There would be no need to worry with professional liquidators at your side.

If you’re still not sure how an Estate Sale works or what processes that you need to go through, that’s alright! You can receive a free consultation call before making any big decisions. What have you got to lose? Nothing- except maybe that furniture and objects you need to sell! So get the help you need and reach out to Timeless Treasures Estate Sales today and let them help you!

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