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What are estate sales?

There are a lot of reasons why people have estate sales such as moving, death of a relative, or a divorce. Before you sail off into the sunset and start a new life why don’t you turn your belongings into cash. There are a lot of ways to have your items sold, yard sale, online shops, but have you considered estate sales?

New Jersey residents who wish to get rid of their possessions are usually looking into estate sales or tag sales. There are many different ways in how estate sales are conducted. The belongings you wish to get rid of are marked with prices you wish to sell them for. The way estate sales are almost similar to the way malls operate. You get what you want until you proceed to the checkout.

Our Clients

Thankyou very much Karen and Jerry..very happy with our estate sale...professional, knowledgeable and warm people ..thanx,Andrew
the Digital Dream
the Digital Dream
Jerry and Karen of Timeless Treasures did a great job in helping us with our estate sale from setting up very attractive displays to conducting the sales process. You put a lot of trust in a company conducting an estate sale and Jerry and Karen get an A+ for honesty and professionalism . I would highly recommend then for anyone contemplating an estate sale. Marty Holleran
Marty Holleran
Marty Holleran
Karen and Jerry and the entire Timeless Treasures team are amazing! They worked tirelessly to make our sale profitable. Their merchandising skills and promotion efforts guarantee success for your sale. I would give them 10 stars for their over-the-top services!
Deborah J Holliday
Deborah J Holliday
Karen and Jerry are honest and hard working! Their ability to organize a huge variety of stuff in an appealing way is amazing. Their no nonsense approach is perfect when you are preparing to downsize and move. They were an absolute pleasure to work with!
Trish LaDuca
Trish LaDuca
Had my sale over the weekend. Karen and her team were very professional and on the ball. I would definitely recommend their service !!
Danny Kole
Danny Kole
Both Karen and jerry were pros good people and did a super job would absolutely use them in the future based on this wonderful experience
marc cooper
marc cooper
The pictures arrived! They were amazing! Thank you for your help!
Charlene Deutmeyer
Charlene Deutmeyer
I used Timeless Treasures for an estate sale. Karen and Jerry are great and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them
Lori Titone
Lori Titone
Thank you Karen and Jerry. I have been to a few of your estate sales and I am a very happy customer. You are both a pleasure to do business with and have very fair prices. I will definitely be coming to your future sales.
Arlene Matthies
Arlene Matthies
holmdel estate sale company

Why should you consider estate sales?

According to a study, the length of time property and its items are put on sale can have an impact on the way shoppers purchase. Some would think that selling for a longer period of time will equate to more profit. However, according to their study, a price discount of 3.6% can happen if sales are prolonged. Real estate owners have the option to sell their items which can take forever to accomplish. But hiring an estate sales company can remove all these inconveniences for you. In just two to three days, you can have your properties liquidated.

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Which Estate Sale company in New Jersey should you trust?

If you are looking for a great company that can help you out with your turning your belongings into cash, look no further and try Marlboro NJ Estate Sales. This family-owned business is one of the estate sale companies in New Jersey known for the offers they provide their clients with. Since you will be opening your home for the public to choose the item they wish to purchase, you would want to be fully insured. Our company can provide you that protection and more.

With Marlboro NJ Estate Sales, you don’t have anything to worry about. We will handle the estate liquidation for you. This means you don’t have to guess the prices of all the things you wish to put on sale. We can have your properties appraised for maximized profits. What’s more, is there will be zero out-of-pocket money compared to other existing estate sale companies.

How does our estate liquidation work?

Before placing all your items for sale, the estate liquidator looks carefully into your items. They make a thorough research of the prices your items may cost. This means they will make some Google searches or look into eCommerce websites such as eBay to look at how your items are faring in the market. The estate liquidator also puts up your item in online platforms and even the newspaper to encourage a great sale turnout.

When sale day comes, the estate liquidator says that everything goes smoothly. This is especially important due to the COVID-19. With the estate liquidator at the helm of operations, an estate sale can be COVID safe. The team of the estate sale company will handle everything during an estate sale. Their responsibility covers everything from answering the questions of the shoppers down to the moment they have finally chosen an item for check out. For big-ticket items, there is also an option to have it auctioned in the estate or through online bidding.

After the estate sales, it is the task of the estate liquidator for all items to be removed from the premises. They have the option to either send the items to charity, including in the next estate sales or put them into the dumpster. After every item has been accounted for, we will be making a thorough cleanout of your home. All these services are already included when you make a deal with us. There will be no more added payment and there will be zero out-of-pocket money from our customers.

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An estate sale is one of the best ways to have your possessions liquidated. Estate sales offer one of the fastest ways to turn your belongings into a profit within a few days. This is especially crucial if it is for debt payment, death of a relative or division of assets.

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