Top pieces of valuable mid century modern furniture

Looking for mid century modern furniture pieces? Most people prefer to keep mid century modern furniture pieces in their homes to enhance the beauty. Mid century modern furniture refers to the articles of furniture designed during the mid 20th century especially from the 1930s to 1960s. Do you know why people love this furniture? It is because this furniture highlights the awesomeness of the house and catches the eye of the visitors. Apart from that, the room looks classy and clean.

Nowadays, mid century modern furniture articles have gained a lot of importance among the people. Their prices have risen. Even most people collect such pieces and sell them at a high cost to make their life more comfortable. If you have such furniture pieces, you can also sell them at a high cost to earn some bucks. In this article, we are going to discuss highly-priced mid century modern furniture pieces.

Finn Juhl Poet Loveseat :

As the name suggests, it is a sofa specially designed for the poets to write with ease. The designer of this sofa was Finn Juhl who prepared the first piece for his home. Later on, it gained importance among the people. However, you can find several pieces of this furniture.

Do you have Poet loveseat furniture? If yes, you can earn thousands of dollars by selling them to the right person.

mid century modern furniture

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman :

Eames lounge chair and Ottoman was first designed in 1956 by the famous designers of that time Charles and Ray Eames. It was an iconic piece in the furniture industry and gained popularity within a short period. With different designs, it is available in the market. It provides the person with ultimate comfort to sit. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of the room and attracts the visitors.

Nowadays, Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is considered a rare piece in the furniture industry. Due to its rarity, the rates for this article has increased a lot. So, by selling this item, you can earn thousands of bucks.

duo table

Wassily Chair :

Another masterpiece in the furniture industry is the Wassily chair. This piece was prepared in 1925 before the mid century era. The original designer of this chair was Marcel Breuer who rereleased it in 1960, thus considered as a mid century modern furniture. During the apprenticeship, Marcel Breuer designed Wassily Chair. He designed the first piece for his personal use and the second for his friend Wassily Kandinsky.

Wassily chair is a valuable furniture article among the collectors. You can earn hundreds of bucks by selling this furniture.

wissily chair

Saarinen Dining Table :

Saarinen dining table was designed in 1957 by Eero Saarinen. This dining table is famous for its precision and sculptural approach to the design. In actuality, Eero Saarinen wanted to create something creative that could add to the clean environment of the room and make it more comfortable. This piece is available in multiple sizes and designs depending on the interest of the buyers.

Do you have a Saarinen dining table in your home? If this is true, you can receive some bucks by finding the right buyer and selling at decent rates. Most people even collect such furniture pieces and sell them at fair prices to earn decent profit margins.

dining table

Noguchi Table :

Isamu Noguchi designed the Noguchi table in 1948. Due to its age and value, we have included it in our mid century modern furniture list. George Nelson was going through an article, “How to make a table?” He noticed the design of the table and requested to produce it. After the first design, the Noguchi table gained much more significance.

Nowadays, you can Noguchi table is one of the highest-priced furniture articles. If you have this piece of furniture, you can earn a handsome profit by selling it.

table from noguchi

Final Thoughts:

Have you reviewed the list of mid century modern furniture? While going through this list, you can understand many articles to be of value in the furniture industry. Due to its significance, most people visit estate sales and find such items by inspecting their age. However, the value of these furniture articles is due to multiple factors. In this coronavirus pandemic, you can visit estate sales and locate such items. Reselling of such items can make a decent profit for you.

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