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Preparing for Estate Sales in Middletown NJ

Have you decided to let go of some of your belongings or those of a loved one through an estate sale in Middletown, NJ? If yes, this article is for you.

In our experience, we have seen that this decision comes with a few steps that you must take. 

Between the time of decision and when you actually have the sale, there are some essential things you must do. Among other things, these steps help you to have a smooth estate sale. They also increase your chances of ending up with an empty house.

Also, if you follow these guidelines, your estate liquidation process won’t cause you any stress. We can guide you to make the right decisions based on your goals. See what our past customers have said…

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Here are the essentail steps you must take to have a hitch-free estate sale

No matter how much we wish to detach, some items will mean more to us than any monetary value placed on them. It could be a blanket, piece of furniture, sculpture or painting. It could also be a useful household item like a toaster or a cabinet.

Whatever it is, you must decide which ones you want to sell or keep. Once you make such decision, the next step is to gather the items you’re keeping and take them off the property. On the alternative, you could keep them in a designated area of the property which will be closed off for the estate sale.

You should look out for items that contain personal information and properties that are sensitive in nature. Examples of such items include birth certificates, any forms of identification, insurance documents and bank statements.

Also, if you are planning the estate sale of an old loved on, be sure to check for items that they used to store vital information. In the past, people wrote their social security numbers and other information in their diaries or at the back of framed photos.

Other items you should look for are prescription drugs and other edibles. This step is crucial for your safety and security. You don’t want sensitive information in someone else’s hands. No Middletown estate sales company will accept liability after the item is been valued and sold.

While you are selecting the items you wish to keep, you will also feel the need to trash some. For some of these items, you will be 100% sure that they have no use. For others, you won’t be so sure.

To ensure that you’re not throwing money in the garbage, you need to hire a Middletown estate sales agent to help value these items. You will be pleasantly surprised at the value that some properties still hold, despite their flaws. 

A professional Middletown estate sale agent knows which items have potential in an estate liquidation process. Also, while some items may not seem like they hold value, they may mean something to other residents of Middletown and neighboring towns.

Are there situations we need to be aware of before setting up the sales? Some parts of the house may need fixing. Examples are leaky pipes, faulty connections and fragile stairs. If you have such areas on the property, you should let us know beforehand.

As your estate sales company, we need to ensure that the display areas are safe for our team and the buyers.

We understand that fixing such situations may set you back in terms of time and money. However, if you let us know prior to the sales, we can plan the sales while avoiding those parts.

When you hire an estate sales agency like ours, you can sleep with your two eyes closed. If you are clearing out a property that holds a lot of memories, you may have an urge to check in on the sales. This is not always a good idea, because you may end up buying from your own estate sales. This defeats the whole purpose.

You can trust us to handle the estate liquidation process with utmost respect for your valuables.  We will also get the best value for your properties, making sure they get to new homes where they are valued.

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When it comes to a Middletown NJ estate sale, you can trust us to handle the estate liquidation process with utmost respect for your valuables.  We will also get the best value for your properties, making sure they get to new homes where they are valued.

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In conclusion

Working with an estate sales company should relieve you of the stress of moving a lot of valuables. If you take the five steps above, you are certainly on the way to having a great estate sale. If you have any questions, just call us and ask for Karen!

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