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During hectic, stressful, and overwhelming times of our lives, we might have difficulty focusing on meticulous processes like extrajudicial partitioning of properties, the partition of conjugal properties, and liquidating business assets. These actions often come with the death of a family member, job relocation, business downsizing, and Buyout, or divorce. While it’s understandable for you to grieve, some things must be done and dealt with. An example of this is estate sales.

When your business closes down, you also need to liquidate your assets and divide the proceeds of the sale among creditors, partners, or incorporators. When you and your spouse call it quits after years of being together, aside from the heartbreak brought by the eventual end of the union, you also have to dispose of the properties and settle your liabilities before you divide the net proceeds. The same is true during the death of a testator. The heirs might want to liquidate the assets to settle the estate’s obligations before they subdivided the legitimes among themselves.

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What is an Estate Sale?

This is a kind of sale involving a household’s personal property. The assets inside the home are sold to the general public to sell them fast and empty the property at the end of the estate sale. While various companies actively offer this kind of service, you need to be thorough in choosing your agent. These experts may provide the same service, but they vary in style, procedure, and fees.

These sales can generate income for the household as it clears the home of the owner’s personal property. Here are some of the salient features of this kind of sale.

  • The tag sale generally happens within the property.
  • They are open to the general public to ensure maximum profits.
  • The said sales also occur within two to three days.
  • During these events, a wide array of personal properties are put up for bidding.
  • The purpose of showcasing the properties for sale is to lure and persuade prospective buyers to make a purchase.
  • The owners of the property can include anything from jewelry, china, furniture to knick-knacks.
  • All the chosen items for public sale are also priced individually.
  • Discounts could be given as the estate sale progresses.
  • Modest sales are usually conducted by families, while those involving highly valuable items are often delegated to professionals.

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Why should you hold an estate sale?

The main selling point of estate sales is you can sell your personal property within a short time. Even if the items you sell vary, since they’re displayed within the exact location, there is a very high chance that everything gets sold at once. Compared to other conventional ways of holding a sale, estate sales are considered the most direct way of approaching the buying public.

Some of the common instances that call for the holding of an estate sale include bankruptcy, divorce, job relocation, downsizing, retirement, directed by a trust or will, and a family member’s death. Among this variety of reasons, the most common cause is a family member’s passing. Sometimes, the testator may even indicate in his will his desire to liquidate his assets through an estate sale. And since his words have to be honored, the said sale should be conducted. Most deceased refused to leave their children and other heirs to fight over what they left, so they would rather sell everything and divide the proceeds accordingly.

What happens during an estate sale?

Most estate sale companies consider six different milestones. Every phase comes with subtasks that have to be completed to move on to the next. Here are the said milestones:

  • Organizing estate sale contents
  • Displaying all the items that should be part of the sale
  • Set the price of thee items
  • Market and advertise the sale
  • Conduct the estate sale
  • Cleanout the property (if requested)

The first thing you should consider about holding an estate sale is whether or not you can carry out the whole process by yourself. Experts and families who tried the services of professional estate sales processors agree that when you’re unsure how you can go about the process, leave the nitty-gritty to the professionals.

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What benefits can estate sale experts offer you?

Their expertise, skills, and experience are the things that can help you get through the process unscathed. They are like a liquidation company that has been in this industry for a long time; hence, they know the ins and outs of the process. That means that it’s easy for them to complete each milestone and subtask under it. These people are also knowledgeable of the laws and statutes covering estate sales procedures, so you can be sure that what you’re doing is within the purview of the law.

On top of that, these experts also have the necessary network to help them pull off the sale seamlessly. For example, they might have tied up with estate sale marketers and advertisers to let as many people know and get curious about your sale event. They can also pull in high-quality leads because of their huge following of buyers. These buyers are most likely to make multiple purchases during the estate sale. Plus, they can also take care of all the documentary and legal requirements that are part and parcel of the upcoming sale. Once the sale is made, they are also with you as you clear the house of all the sold properties. With them doing most, if not all, of the legwork, you can mourn, think, grieve, or move forward peacefully. You also have more time to settle other important personal matters that can help you transition seamlessly.

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The trying times of our lives may shatter us to the core. More often than not, we feel that there’s no silver lining in sight. We fail to realize that all things are temporary, our troubled thoughts and emotions included. When we go through these trying times, the world doesn’t stop and wait for us. In that case, it is somewhat comforting to think that there are people willing to help us improve our circumstances — one sale at a time.

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