Top 8 most Valuable hummels figurines


Love collecting valuable hummels? If this is true, there is good news for you in this concern. Hummel figurines gained importance during the second world war when American soldiers started purchasing and sending them as a gift to their families. As they are quite awesome, some people adore to keep them in their valuable collections.

Nowadays, earlier articles of the hummels are rare to find. If you have a pretty good collection of valuable hummels, you can earn a lot from them. Due to their limited availability, you can sell them for huge profit. However, in this article, we are going to highlight some points related to valuable Hummel figurines that can be sold at high costs.

Appletree boy and apple tree girl :

If you have a appletree boy and apple tree girl hummel figurine, you can generate thousands of bucks from it. They usually occur in the form of pairs of varying sizes and heights. Apart from it, prices may depend on the current conditions of the item and the date of purchase. However, you can earn up to $15000 from a pair of these hummel figurine.

valuable hummels

Adventure Bound :

Another valuable hummel is Adventure bound. It was manufactured in fewer numbers and reached in America in the 1970s. Due to its limited number of available editions, it is considered one of the most rare hummels and can generate up to $9000 in some cases. Its cost depends on multiple factors like the date of purchase or conditions in which it is accessible.

Not for you :

As the name suggests, it features a boy carrying a basket full of fruits. A dog appears on the scene to eat those fruits but they are not available to the dog. So, the name of it is not for the dog. It is one of the antique pieces generating high prices at auctions. However, if you are have it in your collection, you can receive up to $3000 for each piece. Quality and conditions do matter in this situation.

not for you

Serbian Boy:

Apart from having multiple other varieties, hummels are crafted pieces made to represent the countries. Some of the European pieces were manufactured to exhibit the traditional values of the corresponding country. Those items were featured in the collection of traditional attire to highlight their importance. Serbian boy is one of those significant European characters rarely  found today. You can sell it for up to $3000 based on the above-discussed factors such as date, conditions, and some other attributes.

serbian boy

Hungarian girl :

As discussed above, it is one of those valuable hummels of the European series. It represents a Hungarian girl to show the culture of Hungary. It is one of the antique pieces generating high prices at auctions and collecting value among lovers. You can generate up to $3000 from this piece as well.


Ring around the Rosie :

Heard of the game named “Ring around the Rosie?” This valuable hummel is designed on the name of the game to enhance its importance. It consists of four girls playing this game, hence named as “ring around the Rosie.” This hummel can be sold for more than $1000 at auctions.

ring around the rosie

School Boys :

In the collection of valuable hummels, this is also an excellent choice for you. Schoolboys hummel features three boys starting their lesson. Among collectors, it is a rare item to find today. You can estimate its value up to $1000.

school boys

Schoolgirls :

As the name suggests, it features three schoolgirls in school attire. Among hummel collectors, it is much more valuable and can generate up to $1000.

school girls

Final Thoughts :

Have you analyzed some of the your valuable hummels? Our list of valuable hummels empowers you with top-selling items with quite high prices compared to the others. If you are having some of those pieces, you can sell them and earn more money to fulfill your financial requirements. At an estate sale, you can purchase them and add them to your collections. During this era of COVID-19, people are trying to buy them at estate sales and earning fair profit by reselling them.


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