Online Estate sale; What is it?

You already have heard about an estate sale. But have you ever heard of an online estate sale? Maybe it is a strange word, right? No problem. I will elaborate on the online estate sale. 

Estate sale is an essential part of our lives. Not every day. Not every month. But many times in life, we need to get rid of our useless inventory or want to clear up some space. Even in some cases, there is a need to sell the property of someone in the family. 

Is that so? 

An estate sale is a prominent event at that point. But online estate sale is an out-of-world idea. 

Let’s talk about it more. 

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What is an Online Estate sale? How does it work? 

An estate sale is selling the property of someone deceased in the family. An online estate sale is a change of mode of selling. In an online estate sale, you need to list the inventory online, attract buyers to your products, and start selling. 

Everything is almost identical to the estate sale, except the method has changed. And it is due to the increasing use of the Internet and the straightforward buying and selling process. 

So, how does it work? 

It is simple. The seller lists the items with their prices online. Detailed images and descriptions are uploaded to attract the buyers and let them know what they are buying. 

For every sale, the seller earns the money. That is all. 

How to carry out an online estate sale? 

Carrying an online estate is much like the physical except you need: 

  • A selling platform. 
  • Detailed prices of the products
  • Shipment methods to ship products to the buyers. 

I have listed some steps to executing the online estate sale. 

Step 1: List the products

Get straight to the point. And find the products you want to sell. Sometimes, you need to sell only a few items in the estate sale. 

Differentiate and set aside all such items ready for selling. 

Step 2: Find the Accurate prices

Wrong prices will be as poisonous as a cobra snake. No one is coming to buy something more expensive with inaccurate costs. 

At this point, you need to dive deep into the ocean of prices. Search on Amazon or eBay for accurate prices of the products. Even Etsy is good for second-hand material prices. 

Step 3: Choose the platform to sell

Which platform do you want to sell on? Find that. Here are some tips. 

  • Find a platform with a large number of buyers. 
  • Competition must be less 
  • Exposure to inventory must be maximum. 
  • The platform allows the selling of all types of antiques or old inventory. 

Based on these points, you can get the dream websites. Your sales will be higher. And you’ll be making more money. 

Step 4: Advertise Online 

Selling without marketing is TOTALLY ZERO!! Invest some budget in spending on the PPC ads. These will get you a better conversion and more money. 

By attracting more buyers, you’ll get more chances for sales. 

Step 5: Sell and ship

Buyer purchases items. And it is time to get the address. Be in contact with shipping service. And ship the products. 


Do you want to reduce your hassle? Great!! In that case, you need experts who can do all the jobs for an online estate sale. 

Timeless Treasures is a team of estate sale experts who know every single step of a sale. We have accomplished hundreds of estate sales over the years. You make more profits and reduce the burden of exploring prices and inviting buyers. 

Call us right now to discuss the details! 

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