Jerry and Karen handled an estate sale for me in Lebanon. They were just great to deal with and did a fantastic job! Thank you to both of them. They made a hard job (cleaning out my deceased brother’s home) so much easier to handle .
Lynda S
Karen and Jerry did a fabulous job organizing and managing our family's estate sale. We would never have been able to do it without them. Totally professional and experienced. We recommend Timeless Treasures without hesitation! THANK YOU!
Janis S
Thank you timeless treasures for the amazing job. I would highly recommend this company!
Gianna T
Karen and Company made our estate sale experience Seamless. They were meticulous about setting up and making the display attractive. They were very professional in dealing with us as homeowners as well as with clients. We were very impressed with the “Timeless Treasures” experience and grateful for the way they were able to keep us calm and even keeled. We highly recommend them.
Betsy V
This company made the task at hand simple and easy for me during a difficult time in my life. Jerry and Karen were professional, knowledgeable, and handled the pricing and patrons beautifully. I highly recommend this company.
Sharon P
Timeslesstreasures is a wonderful company!! Very professional and honest! I'm definitely going to be using them in the near future and would recommend these great people to anyone. I've seen a bad review from someone on here and that is very inaccurate. It's a shame when someone can lie about things that are not true. Anyone reading this review believe me when I say I would trust the people who run this company 100%. God Bless them with all the help they gave me.
Johanna T
Thank you timeless treasures, I would highly recommend your company, you did a wonderful job for my family.
Jkbtimelesstreasures thank you for the great turnout and wonderful sale.you guys are amazing. So professional, at a very stressful time in my life,they put me at ease .I would definitely recommend Karen and Jerry.
Maureen G
Great people to deal with they spent days organizing my house with me to get ready for the 3 day sale it went very good and they made it easy for me so i can sell my house and move on i would recommend them to any one thanks again karen jerry and family.
Vince P
I dreaded unpacking and organizing from my recent move, but the results-driven ladies of Timeless Treasures turned the difficult situation into a delight. These women are experienced professionals who are trustworthy, kind and ever so helpful. My possessions are all put away now and organized. I don't know how I could have tackled the overwhelming unpacking task without them. I call them my move-in saviors. They enjoy what they do and it shows. I highly recommend them for making your move-in easier. Let them help you enjoy your home sooner rather than living surrounded in boxes.
Spring Lake, N.J
Jkbtimelesstreasures was wonderful to work with. They came in and did everything, I did not have to do a thing. Putting everything out, staging and pricing was done by Karen and Jerry. As things sold, Karen and Jerry constatly rearranged items to their best advantage. When the sale finished they put furniture back in place, took down all signs, arranged items and even took out the garbage. I would definately use them again.
Barbara Del Bene

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