Collection Guide— All that you need to know about Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps are popular out there due to their ultimate beauty and numerous uses. A guide to Tiffany lamps will highlight all that you must know about it.

There are hundreds of collectible lovers and sellers. On the International level, you can expect the business of collectibles buying and selling. But, the main question is— where can you buy or sell the collectibles? There are many ways to buy and sell collectibles. What exactly the requirements is, you must have communication and research skills. Finding the right item in the right category is always a great challenge that a potential collectible seller faces.

Today, I will highlight all about the Tiffany lamps with essential points about them.

Origin of Tiffany Lamps

Louis Tiffany was a famous designer and artist who paid attention to studio lamps. Never confuse the origin with Charles Tiffany, father of Louis Tiffany.

In the 1880s, the Loius Tiffany introduced the Tiffany lamps for the studios that generated the ultimate reputation among the people. From the 1880s till now, you have hundreds of antique Tiffany lamps but the question is, how will you differentiate between the authentic ones. Here is the guide.

How do determine the Tiffany lamps are authentic?

Finding the original and authentic version of something is always hard for people. Remember, never fall prey to the scammers who might fraud you and sell the fake Tiffany lamps. Here are some tips to determine the authentic lamps.

Check the Base

To determine whether you are purchasing the right item or not, check the base of the Tiffany lamps.

Usually, they are made up of bronze alloy, or sometimes, you can find glass and art pottery. Moreover, they have a TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK sign on the bottom of the legs.

Determine the shades of the glass

Tiffany lamps use the leaded glass shades and contain the above sign to make sure you got the right item. Looking at the glass, you can understand whether it is an authentic item or not.

When should you sell the Tiffany Lamps?

The question is a bit confusing questions because the exact time of selling depends upon finding the right buyer. Some people open online businesses while others prefer the physical selling of antiques. Even you can estimate the worth of your antiques in the nearby shops. So, as far as the selling process is concerned, you must hold your antiques until you are in a handsome profit.

No one wants to lose the profit. That’s what makes you capable of generating handsome income from your antiques selling.

Where can you buy the Tiffany lamps?

A good question though. There are many places to buy. I have divided them into two parts:

  • Online
  • Offline

Online methods include scrolling antique products on sites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy that offer you smooth transactions and competitive rates. One thing you must know, you need to conduct the proper research for finding the products on these sites.

In the case of offline methods, you can visit the estate sales. Out estate sale, Timeless Treasures in New Jersey is displayed on our official website. You can visit and find the antique products to purchase.

What are some products of Tiffany Lamps?

I have listed two products to make sure you appreciate what exactly the Tiffany lamps are.

Tiffany-style Birds Table Lamps 

You can find this item on eBay relevant to Tiffany table lamps. There is art of the tree with the birds sitting on it and chirping. It is a popular and rare item in the list of Tiffany lamps. You can grab this item on eBay for $280.

tiffany lamps

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp

This is another item you can find on eBay. The price is around $220 seems to be affordable. If you collect it for longer periods, you can surely generate huge profit margins.

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Floor Lamp

Final Words

Is finding the items hard for you? There are multiple tips such as focusing on the quality, finding the right item, and selecting hot items to fulfill your research. Remember, the right collectible will ensure huge profits. So, try to buy the hot collectibles.

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