Top Collectible Barbie Dolls available in 21st Century

Are your collectible barbie dolls of worth? Barbie dolls were part of our games in the 1990s and 80s because of ultimate enjoyment. Nowadays, these have been replaced with digital games and video components that are available on smartphones or tablets. However, due to manufacturing in the 20th century, these have limited editions available today. Only those people who love to keep them aside as a part of their memories might have collectible barbie dolls.

Can you imagine your barbie doll can be sold for a hundred dollars? All the dolls that are either rare or have limited editions available today are considered to be worthy. So, a collectible lover can purchase it for more than one hundred dollars. In this article, we will highlight collectible barbie dolls and discuss some of the top pieces available around the world.

Why collectible barbie dolls are of value?

Pretty good question. Collectible Barbie dolls have limited designs available today that make them more valuable among collectors. In actuality, some people collect the odd and rare things to keep them as a part of memory. Sometimes, it is a hobby for some people to amass such things. Due to rareness, unique design, and relationships with the past centuries, collectible barbie dolls can be sold more than their actual price. By that means, you can earn a good profit by selling such items.

How do collectible barbie dolls selling business works?

Want to start your own business? No longer a problem when you know how this business works, how you can find such items, and how you can sell them to the right person. However, let me increase your ease by listing the major steps of starting a collectible business.

Purchase the Collectibles:

The first step to start your business right away is you need to purchase the collectibles. No need to purchase collectibles if already have them in your collection. So, purchasing is an option for those who want to earn some profit through selling the items.

Now the question arises, ” Where can you purchase the collectibles?” Beginners don’t have an idea about this aspect but they need to find the resources through which they can find the items. Usually, at estate sales, you can go through the inventory and find the collectibles by looking at their age and uniqueness.

If you don’t know when the estate sales will happen, you can follow the newspaper in the local areas. For estate sales in NJ, you can follow the upcoming sales at the official website of Timeless Treasures NJ.

Sell the item:

Once you have valuable items in your collection, this is the time to find the right person to whom you can sell your items. Moreover, you can list your items online at ecommerce sites like eBay and get a fair profit from it. That’s how the collectible business works around the given area. Price depends on the type of specific collectible, its cost, and its designs.

Some collectible Barbie Dolls:

Here are some antique pieces of collectible barbie dolls that can help you earn some profit.

Totally Hair Barbie:

One of the most beautiful items in the barbie dolls category is totally hair barbie doll. It was the dream of a 90s child to purchase this item and play with it. The earliest editions of this barbie doll were released in 1992 gaining importance among the children of that era. Nowadays, you can rarely find this item. Therefore, it is quite a valuable item that you can sell for up to $160.

collectible barbie dolls

Bob Mackie Starlight Splendor Barbie:

Bob Mackie Starlight Splendor Barbie was first introduced in 1991 being a part of Bob Mackie’s second series. The barbie doll is wearing a combination of silver and black dress giving ultimate beauty. Being more valuable collectible, you can generate decent profit by purchasing such collectible barbie dolls and selling them to the right person. You can sell this item for around $200 that is quite a high amount compared to its original price.

Bob Mackie Starlight Splendor Barbie

Final Thoughts:

Do you know why you should think about collectible barbie dolls? Because they have more value and maximum chances for getting sold within days. In this COVID-19 season, most people have such a type of selling business and make money through fair profit margins. You should understand this aspect and start your business right away.

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