Top Valuable Costume Jewelry pieces

Looking for valuable costume jewelry articles? The value of the jewelry depends on its trademark, the quality of its components, and multiple other factors. Sometimes, there are fake articles that can be identified by the experts. Before purchasing the valuable costume jewelry, you need to determine its various aspects. Vintage pieces of jewelry are expensive compared to others. It is because they are rare to find and procure unique designs.

Are you having some pieces of valuable costume jewelry in your collection? Usually, articles of jewelry made in the 90s are valuable today. If you have some of them, you can earn thousands of bucks by selling them. In this article, we are going to discuss those articles.

Alice Caviness Crystal Necklace & Bracelet Set :

This necklace is built with strands of pearls to enhance the beauty. Its primary design was made in the 1950s and gained popularity among the ladies due to its beauty. Nowadays, they are rare to find and considered a part of a vintage jewelry collection. If you have this necklace, you can earn a decent profit by selling it.

Coro Indian Chief Brooch :


This Coro Indian Chief Brooch is rare to find today due to the limited number of designs introduced in the market. So, it has a high price in the market. If you have any of its designs, you can sell them for hundreds of dollars and get a fair price.

Juliana/DeLizza & Elster Watermelon Rivioli Parure :

This piece usually comes with a complete set of three or more items. With earrings to the necklace, you can consider every piece of it as a part of valuable costume jewelry. Rivoli stones are embedded in this article of jewelry to magnify the overall appearance and make it more fashionable. Due resemblance with watermelon, it is named “WaterMelon.” If you have any of the articles of this jewelry piece, you can earn more than $500 for selling it.


Juliana/DeLizza & Elster Parure :

It is a complete set of costume jewelry comprising more than three pieces of jewelry. It is a vintage piece and has much more value. If you have this piece in your costume jewelry, you can sell it for $700 or more. Parure is a term derived from French to exhibit the set of three or more pieces of jewelry that resemble one another.


Trifari Eagle Brooch :

This is a vintage piece of costume jewelry available for use by the Trifari Brand. You can find a limited number of jewelry pieces from the Trifari brand. That’s why all the articles of this brand are considered rare and expensive. Keen collectors look for such a piece and purchase it at a high cost.

Eagle is crafted on the jewelry piece that makes it significant among the collectors. You can sell it at the price of up to $7000 or more in some cases.


Vendome Pink Rhinestone Necklace :

Vendome Brand is prominent in the costume jewelry industry due to charming pieces of necklaces. Most necklaces from this brand are beaded with rhinestone pieces. This piece is used for fashion purposes and famous among women due to its value. Therefore, we have included it in our valuable costume jewelry list. As far as its cost is concerned, you can sell for more than $100.

Valuable Costume Jewelry

 Selro Devil Charm Bracelet :

This bracelet was designed in 1950 to make it usable for fashion. It gained importance among the ladies and collectors due to its awesomeness. You can wear it whenever and wherever you wish to. Devil is crafted on it to enhance the beauty. You can sell it for more than $90.


Regency Green Baroque Pearl Bracelet Set :

This bracelet set has three pieces that can vary in its color. Regency brand is famous due to its bracelets with multiple designs and colors. Oval Baroque pearls with green color are accessible in this piece of valuable costume jewelry.


Final Thought:

Have you got a quick overview of the whole list comprising valuable costume jewelry pieces? If yes, you might have noticed multiple pieces with quite high prices. To find the vintage piece, estate sales are the best place. You can visit estate sales and find them. In this COVID-19 pandemic, most people are purchasing such inventory and reselling them to earn fair profit margins.

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