Vintage Gas Pumps to look for

Do you know what exactly vintage gas pumps are? Before approaching the term vintage, we must define what exactly the gas pumps are. Do you own a car or vehicle? If yes, you can have a better understanding of this term. At the filling station, you might have observed gas pumps that pump the petrol or other fuels into the vehicle. Depending on their work, they are named as gas pumps. Now, let’s relate it to the term “vintage”. Something that is rare to find today and manufactured years ago in the 20th century is supposed to vintage.

Vintage gap pumps are old designs of gas pumps that were manufactured in the 20th century and became famous due to their rarity today. In this article, we will highlight all those vintage gas pumps and their significance.

1920s Retro Vintage Replica Petrol Gas Station Pump:

This petrol gas station pump was manufactured in the 1920s and gained importance among the people due to its unique design. Within a short period, it was being used on the filling stations to fulfill their requirements. With race flags on both sides including all other components such as pump, hose, and faux, it is one of the most popular versions of gas pumps. Its size is about 6 feet.

Today, it is rare and can be sold at high prices. If you have this design, you can sell it for more than $1000 that is quite a huge amount compared to its original price.

vintage gas pumps

Rare 1930’s Tokheim Stationliter Gas Pump Advertising Ink Blotter:

Due to memories and designs, the gas pumps of the 20th century are famous among the people. These pumps might not be advance but still functional for gas filling stations. Tokheim Stationliter Gas Pump Advertising Ink Blotter is redesigned version of 1930s gas pumps working for the vehicle gas filling. Due to its rarity, it is one of the most demanded items.

Do you have this item in your home? If yes, you can sell it for up to $100 and earn a profit. With limited edition availability, this can be an option for vintage gas pump lovers.

Rare 1930's Tokheim Stationliter Gas Pump Advertising Ink Blotter

Texaco gas pump:

Do you love gas pumps? Collectors usually look for such things and purchase them at high rates. In the 1930s, the Texaco gas pump was manufactured and got immense popularity due to its unusual design and size. Maybe its red color version is more attractive for collectible lovers. Depending on multiple factors, it can be sold up to $10,000.

Usually, people at the estate sales find such items and purchase them at fair rates. Then, they sell it to make some profit and spend their living effectively.

Texaco gas pump

Wayne Visible Gas Station Pump:

If we talk about manufacturing date, Wayne visible gas station pump was first designed in the 1920s.  Being one of the earliest designs, filling stations started using it to pump the fuel. With high pumping ability, it got immense popularity among the filling station owners. However, later on, it became part of vintage gas pumps. Maybe you have it in your collection.

If this is true, you can earn a decent profit by selling it to the right person. Some collectible lovers purchase such things at high prices due to their rarity. It may be available in blue or red color.

Wayne Visible Gas Station Pump

Gearbox Collectible 1920’s Wayne Gas Pump :

Gearbox Collectible 1920’s Wayne Gas Pump is another piece available for you to collect. Like other gas pumps, it was first produced in 1920 and got famous among the people. Manufacturing Company published limited editions of this collectible.

Due to its limited availability, it is one of the most important collectibles. Usually, at estate sales, you can find this item and purchase it at a decent price. After that, you can resell it to collectible lovers.

Gearbox Collectible 1920's Wayne Gas Pump

Final Words:

Have you reviewed the article on vintage gas pumps? Maybe the list is not enough as there can be hundreds of collectibles out there, but you need to recognize it, purchase it, and resell it. To find such items, an estate sale is the best place where you can have a look at their age and realize the importance. Most people are doing such type of business to spend their livings.

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