How to find vintage Vintage Nike Shoes in 2021?

Do you love shoes? You might have a pair of vintage Nike Shoes? What comes to your mind first when you hear the word “Nike.” I think it’s the name of quality. Nike is one of the most popular brands for wearables such as shirts, hoodies, shoes, etc. As it was established in 1964, you can expect the quality from its years of survival.

Usually, your parents or grandparents might be having a collection of those shoes. As the new designs are different from the old ones, they are very much important now. In this article, we will discuss the business of selling Vintage Nike Shoes and discuss more it.

What are Vintage Nike Shoes?

Can you define what exactly vintage Nike shoes are? Usually, we can not say every shoe to be vintage because vintage is a term related to only rare things that are years old. Their first design was introduced in the 20th century and is less likely available today.

So, we can define the vintage Nike shoes to be rare and produced in the 20th century. Now, you can find them, collect them, and sell them to the right person for a decent profit.

How does the business of selling Vintage Nike shoes Works?

If you know how exactly the collectible business works, you don’t need to understand this mechanism because you already know about it. For beginners, it consists of three steps— purchase, collect and sell. Let’s understand all these steps as following.


The first step of the business is to locate the vintage items, purchase them, and move ahead to the second step. Now, the question is where you can find these items? It is no longer a problem when you have several resources such as the internet or estate sales. You can go through the internet, find the top collectible selling sites, negotiate, and grab the item at a fair price.

For the estate sales, you can read the local newspapers and get connected to what exactly is happening around the city. Moreover, if you live in New Jersey, you can visit the website of Timeless Treasures and know the time of upcoming sales. Now, I believe the problem of finding and purchasing the collectible is resolved.


Collectible is named as such because you need to collect them. It doesn’t matter how many days or years you collect. The main factor is to hold them until you find the right buyer. So, remember to collect such things for an indefinite period until you find the right buyer and get the right profit.


There are two options here like the buying system. You can either find a collectible lover who can give you the right price for the item or go for internet research and selling on top websites like Amazon or eBay. As the ultimate goal is to get a decent profit, you must understand different aspects.

What are some Vintage Nike Shoes to Look for?

Here are some items listed you must go for them while visiting an estate sale or searching on the internet. Let’s have a look at them.

NIKE Gray Black SUEDE Leather Shoes:

NIKE Gray Black SUEDE Leather Shoes was first introduced in the market in 1985 gaining importance due to its unique style. Grey color with black patches makes these shoes even more charming for collectible lovers. You can find this item on eBay and purchase it. Usually, the price is about $140 but can be sold at a higher rate if you find the right person.

vintage nike shoes

Nike Zoom Waffle Men’s White Leather & Nylon Track Spikes:

Nike manufactured this Nike Zoom Waffle Men’s White Leather & Nylon Track Spikes in 1996. The white color with the red painting of the Nike logo makes it different from the usual black color shoes. You can still find this item at the estate sales in good condition. If you already have this item, you can sell it up to $200 that is quite a handsome amount.

Nike Zoom Waffle Men's White Leather & Nylon Track Spikes

Final Words:

Vintage is one of the most popular brands in terms of selling shoes and relevant items. You can find its old items in good condition, put them on sales, and earn decent profit item. In this COVID-19, most people are earning through this method when there are limited resources.

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