Vintage table lamps: An Ultimate Guide to find them

Are you looking for vintage table lamps? Is it hard for you to find them? No problem. This guide is going to help you a lot.

Vintage materials are of worth. People don’t know how to sell them or buy them. This scenario keeps them away from high profits. If you have got a vintage item from your grandmother or grandfather’s secret things, it would be profitable to sell. But, the question is — How much profit will I earn? In actuality, that’s not the case.

The price of the vintage depends on several factors. These areas:

  • Actual price of the item
  • To whom you are selling
  • How much worth it will be
  • Is it quite rare or not?

If you can answer these questions, you are good to go for your first vintage sale. However, today, we will discuss vintage table lamps.

What are vintage table lamps?

Do you have a table lamp at home? Maybe yes. But it can not be an antique one if you have recently purchased it. The ultimate goal of vintage table lamps is to illuminate the place where they are kept. That place might be a table.

That’s why we call them vintage table lamps. So, what are vintage table lamps, then?

vintage table lamps are table lamps that are quite rare nowadays. They were manufactured in the 1950s and gained popularity among the people. Now, they are quite rare. That’s why they generate decent prices.

Evolution of table lamps

Remember one thing. Never confuse the table lamps with the lanterns. Lanterns are flexible and were used thousands of years ago. They are more traditional and use simple oil and burning to illuminate. In the case of table lamps, they are particularly designed to place on the table for illumination.

However, let me explain the evolution of table lamps.

George Carwardine, a British engineer, is considered to be the father of lamps. He was a designer of car’s suspension but quit this job to look for his passion. In 1931, he proposed the idea of table lamps with a broad base. That’s the time when the first table lamp was designed.

Is it worth it to collect the vintage table lamps?

The simple answer is yes. It is crucial to buy vintage table lamps. vintage materials generate higher prices at the sale. Here are two ways to buy vintage table lamps.

  • Online From Amazon, Etsy, or eBay.
  • Offline from the estate sale

Never fall prey to the duplicate materials that look like vintages but they are not. vintage materials clearly show that they are old and rare. That’s why always look for good options to buy and sell the vintages.

What is the best practice to gain decent profit?

Do you have vintages in your collection? If yes, hold it until the right time comes to sell. You can negotiate with the others regarding this sale.

Here are some practices:

  • Land on hot vintage items. Those items that are popular in the vintage stores
  • Find the right item with accurate manufacturing dates.
  • Sell to the right person to get higher profit margins.

What are some vintage table lamps?

Here are some items I have listed to give you an idea.


This table lamp is a masterpiece from Olive Kooken’s art. It was designed in the 1950s and is rare nowadays. You can sell it for more than $350 to the right person. Have you got it in your collection? If yes, just incredible! Go ahead and sell it.

Vintage table lamps

Vintage Early Production Anglepoise Lamp With Perforated Shade

It is a table lamp with a great design. It was designed by Herbert Terry and has a unique design. The curvature of the lamp makes it look unusual and popular. That’s why it is included in the list of vintage table lamps. It was first designed in the 1930s.

Vintage Early Production Anglepoise Lamp With Perforated Shade

Final Words:

Have you got the guide to the antique lamps? It seems to be hard to find the right item. If you are adept at communication and research, it can be the right business to do. So, adjust your business needs accordingly.

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