Vintage video game systems: How do you resell them?

Have you ever wondered about starting vintage video game systems selling business? It has a high demand globally. In the US, many people store antiques for thousands of dollars. 

According to IBIS World, the US antique market will be 2.4 billion USD in 2023. Imagine such a high demand. 

Why not give this business a try? But the problem is where will you find the vintage video game systems, and how will you sell them? Is that the problem for you? If yes, don’t worry. We have evaluated the various methods to help you start this business. 

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Where do you get the vintage video game systems at lower costs? 

Video game systems from the 90s are scarce. Currently, you’ll rarely find the earliest versions of the iPhone. Do you know why? Because of the domination of technology. AI has already stepped into various fields of life and changed the whole scenario with new inventions every day. 

Therefore, vintage video game systems are in high demand. Here are some methods to explore them. 

  • Online sites

Nowadays, you have smartphones in your hand. Just press the Google Chrome button and search for antique video games. You’ll find tons of products online. 

But sometimes, there are specialized sites that offer such services. For instance, you can find: 

All these sites have hundreds of sellers selling their vintage video game systems. 

Wait. Don’t rush. Do some research before you jump into the best products. Always know about the sellers. Check customer feedback. And confirm the quality by looking at the images. If the video game systems are in poor condition, abandon them. It is because you’ll be less likely to make a resell deal. 

  • Offline sites

Offline sites can be a hectic choice. All you have to do is to visit the site manually. 

There are two crucial options at this point. 

  • Antique stores. These are locally established stores that have a diverse collection of antique products. They might have a collection of vintage video game systems. You can visit them and check them manually. 
  • Estate sales. Estate sales are also places where inventory is arranged. You have to check the quality and pricing. And then hit the buy button if you are 100% satisfied. 

The best part? 

You can manually check the product and know the quality. It will keep future scams miles away. 

How do you sell them to earn some bucks? 

It can be a critical situation when you have vintage video game systems but don’t know where to sell them. Don’t worry; it is a quick and easy job if you know the following methods. 

  • Try out online tricks

The exact online sites where you are thinking of purchasing can also help you sell your vintage. Visit eBay and list the products you want to sell. 

Remember. There might be some fees for selling products. Moreover, inline websites also charge monthly or yearly subscriptions. Confirm it before you start trading. 

  • Sell to collectible lovers

Do you have a vintage product love in the locale? If yes, nothing is better than that because no fees are involved. You’ll get the instant costs and build long-term relations. 

So, sell products to the collectible lovers. 


Estate sale can be a perfect side if you are looking for some quality antique pieces. The best thing is the cost. You’ll manually check the items and buy at the lower prices. Later, it can be an excellent opportunity to sell them. 

So, do you want to know about the estate sales happening around New Jersey? Great! Timeless Treasures is a top company that conducts estate sales usually. You can find the upcoming estate sales and reserve time to visit them. 

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