Where to find vintage clothing to resell?

Do you sell vintage clothing? That is quite a popular idea. And it is a 100% profitable business. 

You can’t believe my WORDS, right? 

Many online statistical DATA sites prove my point. For example,  according to Statista, in 2022, the vintage clothing market size was 117 billion USD. Such a HIGH DEMAND! 

By 2027, it is expected to reach 351 BILLION USD. You might have never seen such an exponential. 

So are you interested in selling vintage clothing? Great! This article will EXPLORE the step-by-step process of starting a vintage clothing business. 

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What are vintage clothes? 

Every second clothes is NEVER a vintage. Therefore, don’t turn a BLIND EYE; otherwise, crying will be your fate. 

Vintage cloth is a piece of cloth that: 

  • Is rare. 
  • Has a unique design. 
  • It is associated with some celebrities of the royal family. 

Vintage clothes generate higher prices than others. For example, if the clothing price was $20 at its purchase two decades ago. 

Vintage clothing

If the item is now RARE and VINTAGE, you might generate up to 1000 USD. Such a PRICE difference compels the sellers to resell such inventory. 

Where to find vintage clothing to resell? 

Is it hard to find vintage clothing? I believe it should be. Do you know why? Because you might be new and don’t know where to find such clothes. 

However, no problem at all. I have LISTED MULTIPLE WAYS to find vintage clothing. 

Visit the nearby Antique Stores

Local antique stores are a GOOD idea. In the US, you can find many antique stores. 

What you have to do is to: 

  • Visit the antique store. 
  • Ask them to show the variety of vintage clothing. 
  • Check the prices of every piece of cloth. 
  • Negotiate and settle on a LOWER price to raise your profit margins. 

Always remember to negotiate. Don’t compromise on this point. You can tell them how Potential your business is. And you can be a GOOD OPPORTUNITY to them for selling the vintage items. 

Antique store

That is how you’ll make HIGHER PROFITS. 

Consider estate sale as your priority

Estate sale is a PLACE WHERE the selling of all types of products occurs. It might occur in your local area. To find upcoming estate sales, you can EXPLORE the companies in your area. Get their CONTACT number. 

Call them to know the exact date of upcoming estate sales. On the exact date, you can visit. And scroll hundreds of vintage items. 

Estate sales plan

All of the items are accurately priced on the estate sale. And there is OPPORTUNITY for finding a good deal. So, don’t miss this opportunity. 

Go to Flea Market

Flea markets are OPEN-AIR markets where hundreds of vendors come and sell their inventory. They might sell the VINTAGE inventory or secondhand items at lower prices. If you want some good vintage clothing, you should visit. Check the products from different vendors. 

Doing research is VERY IMPORTANT. You should explore all the vendors. Check what type of vintage clothes they are selling. And then purchase at LOWER prices. 

Check Online 

There are many online resources you can find on the online sites. 

For example: 

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Depop
  • Ruby Lane
  • Vinted

All these sites have the opportunity for both things. That means you can buy vintage items. At the same time, you can create STORES and sell your vintage items for a fair profit. 


Finding the right price is QUITE important. It is because you need to make SOME PROFITS. And you’ll find the FAIR prices at the estate sales. 

Do you live in the US? Timeless Treasures conducts the estate sales. You can check the UPCOMING dates of our estate sales, visit our site, and find the VINTAGE clothing to resell. 

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